Friday, January 13, 2012

Make-up model!

I've been addicted to make-up tutorials on youtube 4 years ago. I just keep on watching and reading blogs online. of course my first fav. was Michelle Phan / Rice Bunny! who wouldn't even know her. seeing her progress to success now is really inspiring. so there. then I came across a few Filipina MUA. then I discovered about Say Tioco- Artilero. She then has been my favorite. she's very pretty and she makes tutorials easily beautiful! I really wanted to meet her! My friend is her classmate but i don't even study @ UST and just seeing how busy Say is now! so she had this contest for Krave Mineral Cosmetics. A new line of Mineral Make-up in the PI. she'll be doing make-up tutorials with them every month with different models.

So i guess you get it now. Yes I joined! just to get to meet her cos I was really inspired by what she does and I wanted to pursue another passion of mine which is make-up. I am eager to learn.... I really thought it was so crazy of me joining that contest especially I don't model and knowing it will be posted on youtube and seen by many. GAHD -_-.  I am the photographer, as always. so see the irony there?

 I think that was after 4 days or 5. this online seller texted me if I joined Say's contest. I said yes. then she told me I was chosen for the January episode! I was studying for my midterm exam that time and I couldn't help but check FB myself! so there, I saw my name. Boy.... I was so shocked!  I couldn't even absorb anything. hahahahaha. but seriously. I really didnt expect that coming. the shoot's up tomorrow! dont get me wrong. I am not being boastful about it. i'm just really happy that I'd be able to meet Say! so that's it. I'm toooo excited! I'll post pictures about the shoot tom. wish me luck! teehee =) God bless everyone!


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