Friday, March 16, 2012


I am so happy today :D just got home from training then I checked my blog.... got 21 followers now! <3 thank you so much guys. I just started (srsly !) 2 days ago :) soooo 9 followers left and i'm off to choose the winner for my 1st giveaway :D REMEMBER: you need to follow me on twitter first :) (I reached 400 today ! thank you :D) also got a new make-up review! gonna post it later :) THANKS AGAIN guyssss!
Thursday, March 15, 2012

Confessions of a concealaholic

i've been searching for the perfect concealer for me!!! i've tried a lot and I must say it really depends on your skin type or how big your dark circles are. yes, I envy girls who dont have eyebags or even just small dark circles. haha! who wouldn't?

But anyway, I asked my bestfriend who stays in vegas now. I was so jealous of the fact that she lives near ulta!! and can go to sephora, cvs or walgreens whenever. (just really wish we have more make-up brands here :() she recommended me this one and so I thought of how i'd be able to get one... after 3 months, my mom and ate went to singapore. YES THEY HAVE LOTS OF SEPHORA THERE. I asked mom to buy me one. this i believe costs 60+sgd around 2-2,300 php. It is expensive but it would cost you a lot if you buy them seperately.

I was too excited to get my hands on my 1st benefit product!!! it was too pretty , I didn't even want to use it. their packaging is really unique and colorful! I love how their fonts go too cute with every product. appealing it is! (you'd definitely buy it eventho it's expensive.)

I've used everything in this kit and it's still more than half full (got this last september). except for the travel size "that gal"!! i'm almost running out of it and I shall get the regular size soon!

so here are the pictures and my review about it :D (sorry if I talk//type too much HAHA)

 cute packaging! I can't see the little guide/manual included inside :( I misplaced it ..

 my kit! yes it doesn't look that good. I accidentally got too much boing 2  and I tried smudging it out but it wont come off. so there. hahaha!
 I use boing 2 under my eyes if I just want some light coverage. they say you put some erase paste then put the boing on top of it so that it can really cover your dark circles :)
 eye bright- eye illuminator! it does work! makes my eyes bright!
lemon aid- if you're too lazy to put some eyeshadow. this will cover your dark eyelids. but it depends on the skintone. some said this appears lighter or darker on them. this can also be used as a primer for the lids.
that gal- need i say more??? I love this face brightening primer and it smells so good too!!
erase paste- I use this most of the time. it doesn't really cover my eyebags but it does minimizes the darkness. this also stays long unlike other concealers that you need to retouch after 4hrs!

i'd rate this kit 8/10. I guess not all of the concealers work best on me but it's benefit! it does make your skin look good as promised. I hope they included a bigger that gal. haha! for me this is worth it. if you have money, then buy it! you'd be able to use it for a long time. my erase paste is in mini size but I still have half of it :) so there. thanks for reading guys! feel free to ask questions :)

btw thank God there's benefit in the PI now! check their website:
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1st blog giveaway!


1 box of falsies (10 pairs)
1 complexion perfection from KRAVE
1 nyx nail polish
1 crackle nail polish
1 retractable kabuki brush
1 penshoppe handy lotion

i'll definitely give it away easily if i reach 4k views.

all you have to do is :
comment with your name, fb, blogspot and twitter accnt.
also you need to follow me on twitter : raychdance
then that's it!
I need 30 people (minimum) and i'll randomly choose the winner!!
only those located in the Philippines can join the contest. sorry :(

best of luck ladies :D

I need 30 followers and entries!:)

Smokey eyes & hot pink lips

I really love the color pink( in any shade) !!! people who know me knows (wth?) that I really love this color to death!!  most of my things are in color pink.. may it be from shoes to hair clip. anyway. I got this pretty pink lipstick from make-up hub by naturelle collezione! SLEEK matte lipstick in AMPED <3 I fell in love with it the first time I saw it! so here's the look and the make-up products that I used. this is def. one of my fav looks :D really thinking of making a video tutorial but i'm kinda shy. LOL but srsly. so there. enjoy! and thanks for viewing! feel free to ask questions or whatever :)

The products that I used! :D
p.s. I used krave's cassata for contouring! it is amazing <3

Next review

all about concealers! a sneak peek of my favorite! <3 Confessions of a concealaholic by BENEFIT <3

Ever Bilena Matte Lipsticks

I came across so many make-up blogs posting reviews about this local brand. so I gave it a try! Here's my review regarding the matte lippies from EB :) I was excited to try them myself so I bought 4 (2 months ago). these are the best sellers. my favorite out of the 4 is mauvey. it is the best everyday lipcolor for anybody<3 each costs 125php only! in my opinion, these are better than NYX round lipsticks as it stays longer and more pigmented.

Here are some pictures and swatches of the lippies! feel free to comment and ask questions.

love that red- a rich red color
off beat pink- the nicki minaj inspired lips, in a lighter tone :)
Mauvey- the perfect mauve color for me! everyday lippie!
Skin- a nude color. works best on smokey eyes!

 on top: mauvey, left: love that red, off beat pink, skin :)
I used a tinted lip balm before applying the lippie to avoid dryness. yes it's true the EB matte lippies are "drying" as they say. so it's better to put a lip moisturizer/balm first ! :) this is currently my favorite! tin o' tint in vanilla. got this from Make-up Hub by Naturelle Collezione <3 thanks Ms. Sarah!

Here's me wearing each color on my lips :)
top left: love that red, mauvey
lower left:skin, off beat pink

Thanks for reading! xoxo

P.S. I shall have a giveaway once I reach 500 views and 10 follows :D
Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Everyday with Krave !

Ever since I saw Krave Minerale on FB, I wanted to try their products asap! luckily, I won their contest and became their 1st beauty campaign model. it was such an honor to be with Say and Ms. Trina! I just really love them. they were both so kind! I enjoyed the shoot and we def had a blast!!! I remember the moment when Ms. Trina handed me a bag full of krave products! I was about to die. ahhhh. She gave me almost everything. (she's really kind and must I say very gorgeous!)

So here's my everyday make-up using Krave's products. I choose these products because it makes my skin feel light and doesn't cause me allergies. plus plus plus it is very affordable and effective!:)

                                                                    My everyday krave!:)

                                          Love this mineral foundation! makes my skin soft and perfect!
                                            Satin sheer eyeshadow in gold puff
                                        this concealer is very creamy and really does hide your dark circles!
                                             My fav. blush from krave :D

                             STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI= red+ orange shade with a hint of peach (c) Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals
 Swatching the products!
 1st from the left: blush, foundation, eyeshadow, concealer and lip shimmer !

This is me wearing Krave! I dont have a decent picture but it does show how it makes my skin smooth and radiant. THANK YOU MS. TRINA! I'll forever love krave <3 I shall do a separate blog post of my experience during the campaign. 'til next time :D

*feel free to comment or ask questions. Im willing to answer!!:)

My 1st NYX haul!

This is my first NYX haul! I know a lot of bloggers have been raving about these products! especially their lippies :D I got these last month and yeah I didn't have time to blog about it. so here's a kind of introduction and i'll be posting the pros and cons plus swatches tomorrow! :D


I am so excited to seriously start my make-up blog now :D I planned to do this way back (3 years ago) but the hectic school sched won't permit me. so now that I've got nothing to do (yes. because i'm about to graduate in less than 2 weeks!) I can now focus here and do what I've been wanting for sooo long :D yessss. dancing will always be my passion but make-up is the art that gets in to my creativity side. <3

so yeeeey! I'm really excited :D :D :D

just half of what i'll be reviewing in the next coming weeeeks! :D
Monday, March 12, 2012

NYX Glitterati Palette

Hi guys! I just wanna share my review about this palette. I just used this last saturday for our compet and you can see through the pictures how much I used the gold ones. I even applied it to my body and lips!! I had a hard time washing it off. This palette is good for new year's, halloween or glittery events (whatsoever haha!)

>really glittery!
>wont easily wash off (if you need it to be there for hours!)
>pretty colors
>has diff. shades(lighter and darker) of important colors you need like gold, silver, pink etc.
>I guess it can be applied to the body or lips! (cos I tried it :))
>a cheap price that comes with a really big palette!

>not that creamy. you'll need a good base or primer for it to stick
>too much glitter that can irritate the eye
>not that handy

 pretty colors!

                                                                        silver swatch!
                                                                           blue swatch!
                                                                         Pink swatch!

All in all i'll give this palette a 7/10 ! I know i'd only use this on special occassions so it wont hurt to spend less than 600php on this palette. :)

This is it!

been so busy for the last weeks of my college life! acads wise, I'm done. so I spent nearly 3 weeks of dance training and my dance college life ended last saturday as we competed for dancelebration 2012 @ dlsu. we didn't win but the feeling was priceless (as always.) :) guess i'll have more time blogging now! :D graduation in 12 days!!!! i'll try to post some product reviews and make-up hauls this week but now i'll leave you with my fav. picture from last saturday! :)