Thursday, March 15, 2012

Confessions of a concealaholic

i've been searching for the perfect concealer for me!!! i've tried a lot and I must say it really depends on your skin type or how big your dark circles are. yes, I envy girls who dont have eyebags or even just small dark circles. haha! who wouldn't?

But anyway, I asked my bestfriend who stays in vegas now. I was so jealous of the fact that she lives near ulta!! and can go to sephora, cvs or walgreens whenever. (just really wish we have more make-up brands here :() she recommended me this one and so I thought of how i'd be able to get one... after 3 months, my mom and ate went to singapore. YES THEY HAVE LOTS OF SEPHORA THERE. I asked mom to buy me one. this i believe costs 60+sgd around 2-2,300 php. It is expensive but it would cost you a lot if you buy them seperately.

I was too excited to get my hands on my 1st benefit product!!! it was too pretty , I didn't even want to use it. their packaging is really unique and colorful! I love how their fonts go too cute with every product. appealing it is! (you'd definitely buy it eventho it's expensive.)

I've used everything in this kit and it's still more than half full (got this last september). except for the travel size "that gal"!! i'm almost running out of it and I shall get the regular size soon!

so here are the pictures and my review about it :D (sorry if I talk//type too much HAHA)

 cute packaging! I can't see the little guide/manual included inside :( I misplaced it ..

 my kit! yes it doesn't look that good. I accidentally got too much boing 2  and I tried smudging it out but it wont come off. so there. hahaha!
 I use boing 2 under my eyes if I just want some light coverage. they say you put some erase paste then put the boing on top of it so that it can really cover your dark circles :)
 eye bright- eye illuminator! it does work! makes my eyes bright!
lemon aid- if you're too lazy to put some eyeshadow. this will cover your dark eyelids. but it depends on the skintone. some said this appears lighter or darker on them. this can also be used as a primer for the lids.
that gal- need i say more??? I love this face brightening primer and it smells so good too!!
erase paste- I use this most of the time. it doesn't really cover my eyebags but it does minimizes the darkness. this also stays long unlike other concealers that you need to retouch after 4hrs!

i'd rate this kit 8/10. I guess not all of the concealers work best on me but it's benefit! it does make your skin look good as promised. I hope they included a bigger that gal. haha! for me this is worth it. if you have money, then buy it! you'd be able to use it for a long time. my erase paste is in mini size but I still have half of it :) so there. thanks for reading guys! feel free to ask questions :)

btw thank God there's benefit in the PI now! check their website:

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