Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My face allergies are almost gone so I'm back in the game! this is my 1st make-up experiment after more than a week! I used most of my new MU products (from the haul that I got recently). I used NYX smokey eye palette !! the 10 shades are so pigmented and nice! really perfect for that smokey eye look :D really wish I had the guts to make a video tutorial but for now I'll leave you guys with photos of the look and the cosmetics used :D ENJOY! Thanks for reading :) RESPECT.

cos I was bored! tried the asian poses =))


Nichido Eyelash Curler
Small Kabuki from ellana minerals
Big retractable kabuki (I'm selling this for 250php only! from HK)
Marrionaud pointed e/s brush
Charm crease e/s brush
ELF liquid foundation brush
flat top brush from HK
Contouring brush from HK
Stippling brush from HK (all from my supplier)

For the lips:
NYX Circe
KRAVE Strawberry Daiquiri

For the eyes:
NYX Smokey eye palette
Sleek au naturel (used the 3rd e/s from the bottom left) for my eyebrows
Ever Bilena Mousse Eyeshadow in amber (as base)
ELF eye primer and sealer
Fanny Serrano Liquid Eyeliner
Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil in ZERO

For the face:
KRAVE Liquid foundation in ricotta and tiramisu (mixed both to get my desired shade. review soon!)
Ever Bilena 3D compact( used the darkest shade as contouring powder and the lightest for highlight. NEW product from EB!)
Ever Bilena Mousse blush-on in Cinnamon (LOVE THIS <3)
San-san Concealer(really nice! only for 100php!)
Krave Luxurious perfection in French Latte



created a smokey eye look that's wearable for day and night. if you don't want that much make-up or super smokey/dark eyeshadows. I also used cheap/drugstore make-up products that are really effective :) I used KRAVE liquid foundation and mixed both for my skin color which is suitable for light medium coverage. also don't be overwhelmed with the stuff I use. don't worry I dont used it with a big amount!!! it all depends on how you want your look to turn out :) so there! thanks for taking time and reading my blog. pls. don't forget to subscribe and feel free to ask questions! THANKS:)
Saturday, April 14, 2012


Cos SM cubao is on sale :D ('til tomorrow!) I went with my mom, brother and tita. If y'all don't know you get extra 10%off on the 1st day sale between 10-12nn (if you are an sm advantage card holder). Also there's a 5% rebate for bdo cardholders. :)

So for ex. if you bought a pair of shoes for 10% there'll be another 10 so it becomes 20%!! Gaaahd there were so many people during the morning! The lines were also too long to handle. Of course, I went through the essentials and cosmetics section first as we got inside SM. it was a workout for us cos we needed to already fall in line to be able to get by 12nn and so we had to go up and down the floors just to get some things we needed to add to our baskets. (If you get what i mean and yes that's how long the lines were!) I'm really happy for all the things that i got tho i wasnt able to buy the others cos we were really in a hurry. The additional 10% off is really a big deal!

So here's a picture of my haul! Can't wait to make reviews out of it. Some are not beauty related so pls. Disregard that. But....  I still want to include them on my next post. =))
*sorry for the low quality photo! took this from my itouch. oh! pls. do follow me on
INSTAGRAM: rrraych 
thanks :D

Hurry!! You still have tomorrow, the last day sale!

*Watson's has 10%off if you reach 1,500php and also you get a free cutesy jelly bag from SM if u have a single receipt purchase of 3k :)

Thanks for reading! Respect :) blogpost about my haul will be up soon!
Thursday, April 12, 2012

winner of my 1st blog giveaway!

Congrats to Cecille Vasquez! :D I used random.org by picking the winners. got total of 19 entries :) thanks ladies! please stay tuned as I'll have my 2nd giveaway REAL SOON :) thanks again! <3

pls. contact me thru twitter by sending me a PM about your contact details! will wait 'til saturday :)

Graduation Look :)

YESSS! finally I've graduated! I've never been so happy my entire life! who wouldn't jump for joy in this much awaited occasion of everyone's life? good bye school! (finally!) except for the fact that I still have to take my MA in the next 2 years (I think) =)) But hey! i'm done with college! hello real world! the world of the unemployed! I won't be blogging much about my experiences but my grad. look. of course this is a make-up blog. so here it goes!

I chose these products (my favs. too!) because I needed cosmetics that would keep my make-up intact despite of the heat!! we had our graduation in a covered court, no air-con :( so I used these make-up that stayed longer. no smudging (well almost) and of course this is a very special occasion so I atleast have to look pretty!

For the face:

KRAVE Fruttie Poreless Toner Spray 
*this is a must-have! si cheap yet so effective! it makes my skin softer and smoother!

KRAVE correct & conceal
*one of my fav. concealers <3 I don't need to say much about this cos a lot have been raving about this awesome product. REALLY awesome <3

KRAVE Luxurious perfection in vanilla latte
*mineral foundie <3 makes my skin look flawless after topping it off my liquid foundation!

KRAVE Mist Spritz
*basically my savior of this event! love how it works well and keeps my make-up for hours!

KRAVE blush crush in Pink Muffin
*The first time this was applied on my face for the shoot of krave's 1st beauty campaign, I definitely fell in love with it! really a must-have blush color. plus it has kosher rice powder which makes your skin soft and smooth :D

KRAVE Pretty Young Thin (face contouring powder)
*one of krave's new product! definitely my favorite bronzer/contour powder! makes your face look thinner and has that amazing bronze color that suites any lady!

Revlon Colorstay (for normal / dry skin in natural beige)
*my ever favorite liquid foundation. really lasts long and the coverage is superb <3

For the Eyes:

SLEEK palette in Au Naturel
*My favorite eye palette for smokey eyes and everyday looks <3 definitely a must-have! grab one now from MAKE-UP HUB BY NATURELLE COLLEZIONE they got amazing UK make-up brands!! the seller, sarah is so kind and amazing!<3

Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on pencil in Zero
*that eyeliner you'd trust for not smudging off for hours! great black color and it really glides on easily :)

Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
*I really hate mascaras bec. I get irritated by the fact that it makes my eye itchy -__- I just use this when I really need it or if there's a special occasion. but I love this mascara cos it makes my short eyelashes visible. <3

ELF eye primer and sealer
*my fav. cheap eye primer! it's not as good as UD's but it works well for 5-6hrs :)

Maybelline crayonbrow in brown
*a cheap eyebrow pencil that has the perfect brown color for my brows! it also stays all-day long :)

for the Lips:

Nyx matte lipstick in Tea Rose
*my everyday lipstick <3 love love this one!

Nyx lip-pencil in Mauvey
*to make my lips more defined and keeps my lipstick stay longer.

 here are some pictures of me before graduation <3 I was already in a hurry so I wasn't able to take that good pictures. =))

the products:

These are basically all the make-up I used. feel free to comment or ask questions. don't wanna make this blog that long.. so yey! thanks for reading. don't hate! I wasn't paid or forced to blog this. My reviews are what i've really experiences. honestly done :)


Gonna announce my 1st blog giveaway tomorrow! yey <3 stay-tuned!

don't hesitate to look for KRAVE cosmeceuticals on facebook! trina, the founder of these cosmetics is so generous to asnwer your queries! she is a gorgeous krave lady :D

I also got my revlon colorstay from chedelyn's cosmetics collection. she has a wide rang of US make-up products sold in a very cheap price! make sure to check her FB account as well :)

lastly, check sarah of make-up hub! she's also on fb. search for it as what I mentioned above :)
Friday, April 6, 2012

long time!

Hi guyssss!:) really sorry for not being able to update my blog for almost a month! been doing lots of things lately. actually, been enjoying my vacation so much! I just graduated last march 24. had my cebu trip with college blockmates/ friends and zambales! sadly I got so many allergies on my face I guess it's from the sea water wherein my skin got irritated or some sort of sea creature from our snorkling :( I'm really depressed right now cos my face looks like as if it has tons of pimples. :( really hope this goes away SOON. but for now I'll try my best to post reviews and such. btw, I'll also be giving my giveaway next week. haven't reached 30 yet :( I know cos I don't update that much. so there. thanks for those who still visits my blog and really sorry for being away too long. God bless. Have a blessed holy week :)