Tuesday, May 29, 2012

iPhone 4/4S cases by: iDELight Cases

are you the type of person who can't get enough of iphone cases? it's as if you change your iphone case everyday? well this case is for youuu!!! My bestfriend and her sister just opened a new online shop :) it's called iDELight cases. They offer interchangeable design covers for your iphone and you can personalize it too! you can send them the designs and they'll print it right away. no more hassle for you and less stress on your wallet! :D this only costs 400PHP with 5 interchangeable design covers :D really cheap right? plus you can change it everyday depending on your mood and you won't anymore buy those expensive cases every week! you can order an extra cover design for only 50php if you can't get enough of the 5. LOL. order yours now!!! :D

choose your case bumpers!:)
the adorable designs <3

p.s. I know you can resist those adorable designs!

visit: http://www.facebook.com/iDELightcases


Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Beauty Junkee's 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!

Hi lovely Ladies! join this year's massive blog giveaway by Beauty Junkee!!!

visit the link : http://thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com/2012/04/beauty-junkees-grand-3rd-anniversary.html

I'm really excited about this! the giveaways are to die for <3 esp. to make-up lovers out there! :D Hope I win tho! but there's no harm in trying, so join now! :D

here are some photos from Beauty Junkee !! :)

fabulous, ain't it? and this is not even the half of it!!!! visit here blog now and join <3


Tribute Shoes Giveaway By: Ms. Patty Lloren

click the link http://pattylloren.blogspot.com/2012/05/tribute-shoes.html

she'll be giving 5 5ooworth of GCs from tribute shoes! :D
this is 'til june 16.



yaaay! thank you for visiting my blog :) I know you guys have different opinions but all I need is respect. that's all. we all have our own hobbies and stuff so don't judge me just because of what I post or make a review on. so there, thank you again! and I hope to be more active and meet new friends in the blogging world! esp. on make-up related stuff. feel free to comment or message me ;)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Product Review: Krave Moisturizing Lip Shimmers

here's a review on one of my favorite make-up brands!!! As you all know Krave Cosmeceuticals is a new brand but hey! they've been so popular in less than a month! they've got lots of amazing products that you should definitely not miss out. :D 

I've always been wanting to have those lippies that are pigmented and at the same time moisturizing. so when I joined krave's beauty campaign and became their 1st winner, I was privileged to try all the products and I must say these lippies caught my attention. I sometimes have dry and chapped lips and I really dont like wearing any lip product ... (unless I got some lipburn so I just use petroleum jelly) but these lippies are an exception. they only had 3 colors but they were super pretty and my lips really love the benefits. It has shea butter and Vit. E !!! it's a 5ml tube which will only cost you 185php. a little amount goes a loooong way. It does last longer than expected and really makes your lips sofffttt :) so if you're still interested on trying it, make sure to continue scrolling down and see my swatch photos of the lip shimmers. 

thanks for reading! God bless:)


Top: Strawberry Daiquiri
Middle: Chili Red 
Bottom: Berry Martini
 me wearing chili red :)

 me wearing berry martini

 me wearing strawberry daiquiri
 love these 3 <3

 strawberry daiquiri
 chili red
 berry martini
look how handy they are!

http://www.facebook.com/kraveminerale (like their fb page as well ! :)

BERRY MARTINI= true pink shade with a swirl of purple kiss
STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI= red + orange shade with a hint of peach
CHILLY RED= dark red color with a copper shade twist

*sorry if I look haggard =)) my normal face LOL

Friday, May 25, 2012

Orange you glad?:)

here's my summer-ender look! :D hope you'll enjoy! feel free to ask questions :)


 The eye make-up :)


The look!! 

 my favorite hat! :)

Love thy messy hair!:)

                                                     the Make-up products that I used :D

the eyeshadows I used from my coastal scents 88 ultra shimmer palette :)


Since summer's about to end in a few days, here's a post describing how my summer 2012 was!!!

I had the best summer yet. This was the summer when I graduated from college. It was bliss. No more school, thesis, paperworks, projects, hell weeks and the list goes on... This was actually the summer wherein I went to A LOT of places. First, I went to Cebu with my blockmates (this was also my first trip away from luzon w/ my friends!!!) it was the best!! I really had fun exploring the city with my lovely friends. That province is so beautiful! I can't wait to go back and ohhh the awesome & delicious food!! (warm brownie cup, I MISS YOU!)

I also had the chance to see how beautiful our country really is. My 2nd trip was to magalawa island in Zambales. maaan, was it really beautiful! It was like palawan! the water's so bluuuuue and the sea creatures were amaziiinnnggg! it was also my 1st time to snorkel but sadly i got hideous (and a lot)  allergies on my face cos of the baby jelly fishyyyy... I hated myself at one pont for that (OA) =)) but seriously tho. I looked so scary and reallllyyy ugllyyy.

anyway, I also went to masbate. It was my first time to ride the train to bicol. the train was so cool cos it had cabins and rooms in it!! (but really got dizzy) That trip was the longest ever in my lifeeee!!!! 10hr train ride, rode the jeep and tricycle to the port of masbate for 4 hrs. (I think?) then to the island for and hr. and the same on our way home but we rode the bus instead. Gaaaaah I almost died. but it was reallyyyy worth the wait! ohhh and Donsol was just beside it! can't also wait to go back! I am really excited for my 2nd trip to that province <3

My last trip was to Singapore (yes. again) HAHA! I visited my ate again :) of course I had the time of my life!!! thanks to my mom for always providing me with everything!!! my sister who took me shopping and bought me my super wanted paletteeeee! URBAN DECAY'S naked 2!!! <3 I was there for almost 2 weeks :D I also had the chance to visit Universal Studios!!! and I thought I wouldn't be able to go home anymore. maaaan, the rides were freakinggg insane!!! but it was a really fun and great experience :D so there! I know it's really saddening that summer's about to end... all back to our real lives. no more beach, long vacations, bondings etc. but I can't wait for summer 2013! I know it'll be more fun :D

can you share your summer getaways too?:)

thanks for taking time to read my blog :D God bless!


*the next post is the look. I don't want to overwhelm you guys with this lonnnngg blog entry plus lots of pictures LOL


I joined Ms. Shen's (www.shensaddictions.blogspot.com) L'oreal x PFW make-up contest and I won :D yeeeey! so happy and excited!! we had to create a metallic make-up look so here's my entry :D Hope you like it and thanks for visiting my blog! God bless :)


the l'oreal products that I used

I saw the blog post by Ms. shen the same day as the deadline! maaan was I so pressured =)) I was out of the country for almost 2 weeks so I wasn't able to check my blog that much. AHHHH THANK GOD I STILL WON :) can't wait to attend the PHILIPPINE FASHION WEEK <3 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

hello!!! :)

so sorry for not posting/blogging for a looong time. got lots of pending reviews but I really don't have time :( I went to Singapore for almost 2 weeks and I really enjoyed my stay there. (as always, hihi!) so there. will blog sooon! I promise :) thanks for those who recently followed my blog! God bless everyone and have a nice weekend ahead :)