Friday, June 29, 2012

Product Review: Krave Eyeshadows (SOON!)

hi guys! so I just had another make-up sesh. here's the look using krave's eyeshadows! REVIEW SOON :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcakes for sale! :D

Hi guys! I'm selling some red velvet cupcakes! feel free to email me at or text me at 0918999914 :) thanks!!! 1st batch is now open! delivery this thursday! marikina or katipunan only :) 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


hi guys! really need your help! my site's under construction and I have to study about html etc. AGAIN
-___-  does anyone know nice template sites or someone who does layouts? lemme know! thanks:D


Evening date make-up look!

Here are some of my shots using my LA COLORS metallic palette :D ain't it pretty? hope you like it and feel free to ask questions about the look :) 

 got my swag on! lol (i'm a hiphop dancer at heart! will post more about dance events soon!)

 The make-up products I used :)

For the Face:
Ellana Minerals foundation in French Vanilla Latte (an all-time fav <3)
San-San Concealer in Beige ( REVIEW SOON :D)
H&M paradise bronzing powder
Nichido blush in cool rum

Face Brushes used:
big kabuki brush
foundation brush

For the EYES:
LA COLORS (6 metallic color palette in precious)
Etude House Drawing eyebrow #1
Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara
ELF eye primer & line sealer

Eye brushes used:
Elf eyeshadow and blending brush
Etude House Lash Curler

For the LIPS:
Maybelline Baby Lips (super fav<3)
Palladio herbal lip slix in Rosewood
Krave Minerale Moisturizing Lip Shimmer in Berry Martini (another fav!<3)


Product Review: L.A. COLORS (6 color metallic eyeshadow palette in Precious)

Hi guys! so it's time for another product review :D I swear i've got lots of pending product reviews but I really don't have time -__- got lots of chores to do, some job interviews and etc. so I hope you'd appreciate this simple review of one of my favorite affordable & pretty eyeshadow palette. :)

As we all know, LA COLORS has been one of the american drugstore make-up brands we've known for years!!! I remember those lip glosses my tita would give us when she comes home from the states. So luckily we now have LA COLORS here in the Philippines!! :D *claps* if I'm not mistaken it's just recent.

I saw their stall at Trinoma, landmark and gosh was I super excited!!! I browsed through their products and was so surprised that they're selling their prodcuts for not more than 300php! the lipliners for 90+php, foundations for less than 300php and eyeshadow palettes for 129-149php only!!! but not all products are amazing :( I bought this 10 color eyeshadow palette and it was like watercolor -____- it actually discouraged me to buy another LA COLORS palette but this 6 color metallic one caught my make-up eye!!! so I wont make this introduction (puro daldal) thing long. here comes the review! :D

 the pretty handy palette!

the back part (PRECIOUS)

 don't you just love the colors?:)

 up: w/ eye primer
down: w/o eye primer

swatches w/o eye primer!

 now let's use this!

 w/ eye primer!!! see the difference? :) it's also best to dampen the brush to let the eyeshadow stick even more.

 The eye make-up I made!!! <3

 ain't it perfect for an evening date? :D

> really affordable! (if i'm not mistaken this is less tan 150php :D)
>perfect colors for an everyday eye make-up (the browns and light ones)
>very nice and rich pinkish red color <3
>metallic (great for night outs!)
>not glittery 
>worth every cent ;)

>kinda bulky if you're make-up kit's not that big
> it's hard to let the yellow metallic color show (even w/ primer)

is it MAKE-UP worthy? YES! i'll give it an 8 / 10 <3

Thanks for reading this post! :)
Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fun Saturday!

Yesterday was one of the most memorable days i've had in my whole life <3 I WAS BLESSED TO MEET THE BEAUTY JUNKEE!!! OMG <3 Ms. martha dm'ed me on twitter that I was chosen to be one of her lucky 10 ladies for her meet & greet @ studio SnR (someone backed out so I got the spot! lucky indeed! whoever you are, thank you for giving me the spot :D) it was my 1st event as a blogger. it was fun to meet other beauty bloggers as well! Ms. Shen was the mystery guest! OMG <3 she's one of my favorite beauty bloggers too! they also had the skin care and make-up workshop and yes I really learned a lot! The "talk" part was my favorite! really inspiring <3 so here's a collage of some pictures I took using my itouch :D I will make another blogpost tomorrow with lots of pictures from my dslr!  thanks again THE BEAUTY JUNKEE <3


Red Velvet Cupcakes!!!

Hi ladies! I know this is off topic. it's not about makeup or beauty but I know a lot of us are food lovers as well! I'm the sweet tooth type of person so that means I love ALL kinds of sweets <3 (well sort of, except for dark chocolate lol). I've been back to baking cos I don't wanna spend too much money on buying cupcakes. (the not so good part of being a graduate / jobless) Also I did these cuppie for my bestfriend's 20th birthday! ain't that sweet??? hihi so there. I also decided to sell these red velvies for a cheaper price and I assure you it'll be heaven at 1st bite :D so if you're interested please do message me or leave a comment below! ENJOY <3

 look at those babies <3

 my ever supportive boyfriend took pictures of me but i kept telling him not to cos I really looked blaaah! =))

baked for 3 hrs! and can I just say i'm super haggard after!? HAHA

craving for those red velvies? ORDER NOW <3 
or simply tweet me: raychdance

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'm a zebra

I'M A HUGE ZEBRA LOVER. here's a sneak peek on my next make-up blogpost ! :) 

MUA: me, myself and I <3
PHOTOG: my little sister <3

Details on this make-up look, SOON! tell me what you think ;) thanks!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

shensaddiction X Celeteque Giveaway

As you all now, Ms. Shen's one of my fav beauty bloggers!!!! and now she's having another giveaway :D I'm so excited about this one cos i'm an avid user of celeteque. I really want to win the hydration or brightening set. *pretttyyy pleaseee <3 I need the hydration set cos i really have dry skin no matter what weather it is. I know everyone's experiencing crazy skin conditions now cos of our bipolar weather. So yea, I really want this set cos it will really help my skin. while for the brightening set, I really need these babies to lighten up my dark circles!!! I have huge eyebags :( :( :(

ANYWAY, if you guys are also excited as I am join ms. shensaddiction x Celeteque giveaway NOW <3

Sunday, June 10, 2012

back to school!

hi guysss! haven't blogged for awhile. :( got lots of make-up reviews in store for you and yes i'll be having my 2nd blog giveaway!!! <3 are you excited!? will post it real soon! please do join <3