Friday, September 28, 2012

Affordable Smokey eye Make-up Look

here's my newest video :D hope you can check it out and tell me what you think! amazing how a 100php worth of eye quad can make you look fabulous! ELF COSMETICS <3


also a special shoutout to kat roxas-Gomez of the Hotshop for my makeup brush set :)

Bold Lipstick

Hi guys! i made this tutorial 2 weeks ago I guess? I just forgot to blog about it :) Hope you visit and check it out! also tell me what you think :) Thanks so much <3


my youtube username: rrraych

link: Make-up tutorial: Bold lipstick look
Sunday, September 16, 2012

My September Beauty Giveaway

Hi guys! Finally, I can now post my 2nd giveaway :) been so busy lately but anyway, please do join my giveaway :) I'm so excited for the next winner and also to meet other fellow beauth bloggers out there. everyone's free to join. I just won't accept accounts made just for the giveaway and later on will unfollow me. why so rude right? if you don't want to see updates from me in the future then don't join. as simple as that :)

so what are you waiting for? join now! many thanks to those who still follow me and read my blog eventho I don't update that much. so excited for upcoming projects and giveaways! stay tuned! I will have my MAJOR and yes HUGE! GIVEAWAY SOON ;) watch out for that! for the mean time feel free to watch my YT videos and check my FB page for the make-ups that I'm selling and also for my make-up and beauty related posts :)

THANKS SO MUCH and Good luck :)

God bless!


PS. CHECKOUT my blog logo ;) it's still a draft tho. made by my good friend Jenika <3 can't wait for the final one ;)

Follow ANDROGYNOUS HOUSE for affordable bags ;) I was the photographer of that shoot :D hihi proud <3 lol


The beauty giveaway!!!:) what's fun is you get to choose the eyeshadow quad and eyeliner that you want :)


YOU NEED TO COMMENT BELOW with your name, twitter, fb and YT accnt. :) no comment, no entry :)

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Huge Hauls coming soon!

Hi readers! Finally I got all my make-up packages :D can't wait to share my hauls with you guys! I'm also uploading my 2nd make-up video. too sad it always says error :( but I must be patient (same as how I waited for my 1st ever MUvideo). I'm really excited for this coming week! LOTS OF NEW STUFF and I'm really taking my time planning and fixing my blog & youtube channel :) Thanks to all my friends and fellow bbloggers who are patiently waiting for it and still there for me eventho I don't update that much :)

Have a lovely sunday ahead <3

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blue Mermaid

Hi ladies! did this make-up almost 2 months ago. wasn't able to post it :( I have lots of pending posts. huhu busy from work and other stuff but I'm really trying my best and hope I can post my 2nd make-up tutorial video this week :D here are some pictures of the look and tell me what you think ;)



who's excited for this weekend? ME ME ME! <3 and it's much more exciting cos of THE PURPLE HALL! Are you guys fans of Venus and Mars Naturals like me? then this is the RIGHT sale for you! been waiting this all my life <3 lol but seriously! their products are affordable yet effective and to think that all items will be on sale? crazy!! hoarding alert! :D I AM SO EXCITED <3 also other brands will be there :) lots of prizes to be given away too! don't ever dare miss this and check their FB PAGE NOW :) share their photos and email them for exclusive passes :)

fb page :

ONE DAY ONLY! so don't miss it! see you there <3

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Make-up For Sale!

Hello gorgeous readers! If y'all don't know, I've been selling stuffs for 4 years now. I started when I was in 1st year college. my shop was called "the fab store" but I wasn't able to pursue it anymore cos I had such hectic schedule @ school... BUT now I am back again :D I'll be selling lots of make-up! (US Brands) but for limited stocks only. I just want to share this to my fellow Beauty Bloggers esp. the fact that we've been wanting to try what we watch or see on youtube or blogs. THE PRODUCTS ARE BRAND NEW AND AFFORDABLE. ALL AUTHENTIC. I don't sell fakes ;)

Here are the on hand photos and i'll also be posting more of the ELF products tomorrow! i'll be getting my huge package tom afternoon and i'm super excited <3 interested to hoard or whatsoever?

 feel free to contact me at 09179219914 or visit my FB Page:



NO STEALING OF PHOTOS PLEASE :) Prices are posted on my FB page. 100-350php only :) BUY NOW. <3
Friday, September 7, 2012

Product Review: ELF Primer

Hi guys! its been awhile since I blogged about make-up products. I MUST really start blogging like every other day. haha! anyway, thanks to those who watched my 1st ever make-up video. what do you guys think? feel free to share your thoughts :) I accept criticism but not to the point of being rude.

Anyway, back to the review. THERE'S THIS MYSTERY BEHIND THIS PRIMER. wanna know what? then continue reading :)

e.l.f. Essential Eyelid Primer

Preps your eyelid for smoother, longer-lasting and crease-proof eyeshadow. The lightweight liquid formula quickly absorbs into the skin for comfortable wear and increases eye color longevity.

This primer has been popular last year and until now! it only costs 129.75 PHP. I was actually happy to see it hanging on ELF stalls. *Thank God they made a Primer*.

But of course it's cheap... obviously the quality is not excellent compared to Urban decay's primer potion or too faced's shadow insurance. but hey! you don't wear eyeshadow that often, right? you don't wear it for 24 hours!!! *why would you anyway?*... You'd probably wear it for 4-6 hrs and so just for those simple occassions, dates, and everyday look type of thing. To tell you frankly I do not own a High-End Primer. I don't even know why lol but I'm planning to buy one soon anyway. it's just really confusing to choose between UD, Too Faced, Mac and benefit!!!! that's why i decided to buy the cheap ones instead and still they have that sort of quality that you can count on. 

so there. enough of the "talk".

  • Inexpensive
  • Available locally (Department stores & online shops (i'm actually gonna sell some :)
  • It actually does make the eyeshadow last for 4-6 hrs. 
  • Has that silky velvety-feel
  • Unscented
  • Handy. (you can easily put it inside your make-up kit)
  • It comes in other 3 colors which are golden, pearl and champagne. (but not available here -__-)

  • The white cast
  • Really need to blend it well (extra effort here)
  • Contains little amount. (but what do you expect from a 129.75php worth of primer anyway?
  • It does fade / crease after awhile. especially to those who have OILY lids.

My Recommendation:
  • I'd actually recommend this product especially to those make-up beginners. it wouldn't hurt your pockets that much and besides IT IS EFFECTIVE & your money's not put to waste. trust me. You can actually head on to an elf stall asap and see for yourself. THUMBS UP for this product tho it does have a short staying power but nonetheless if you're just gonna use it for a few hours then you're good to go. :)

Rating of the Product:
  • I rate this product a 4/5. I love how it is actual effective but I wish they had more primer in it. like around 15ml? lol 
and now...


As I was taking pictures, I noticed how the eyeshadow without the primer looked darker than the one that has a primer underneath.  weird right? Basically, the eyeshadow should look darker if applied with an eye primer BUT then it was just because of flash photography. 

why oh why? cos elf's eye primer is too WHITE. it doesn't blend much on the skin. (take a look at the photos below). so it reflects back to the camera's flash making the eyeshadows look lighter cos the base itself is white or can't be blended well. you get it right? 

so I took photos without the flash and VOILA! the one with an eye primer appears to be darker. so feel free to take a photo and see for yourself. your eye make-up would appear lighter with this. so if you're gonna wear a black smoky eye then this primer is NOT for you.


 when blended. see? it's so white -__-

 The eyeshadow I used: Ever Bilena Mousse in Amber (want a separate review about this? let me know:)

 Left: w/o Eye Primer Right: w/ Eye Primer (w/ flash) see what i'm trying to say?

 Left: w/o Eye Primer Right: w/ Eye Primer (w/o flash) and now the one w/ primer looks darker :)

so after wiping it hard for 4x, it's gone. HAHA but the one on the right(w/the primer) is still kinda there :)

So that's it. hope you enjoyed or somewhat learned something from my long review =)) it's actually in-depth. thanks for reading and visiting my blog :) and if you're generous enough, feel free to share my make-up video! thanks <3


My 1st ever make-up tutorial video is up!

 The title says it all :) i'd appreciate it if you'll take time to watch. Thank you so much!

"don't hate, appreciate"

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Hi guys! Finally i had the courage and I guess i'm ready for this. Been watching mu videos since 4th yr hs. And to date it has been 4 years already and I can definitely say i've learned a lot and it wasn't a hobby anymore. It's already one of my passions. :) I know it's not gonna be easy but there's no harm in trying. Hope you guys support me :) thanks so much! And I will def post more blog posts and videos soon. :)

i'll post the video by tonight or tomorrow. Hihi so excited!!

Hope you can subscibe to my youtube channel: iamraych


Here's the look that I made :)