Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's november baby!

Hello November! i've long waited for you <3 my favorite month cos its my birth month :)) I don't know why I'm so excited whenever my birthday's near. HAHA! I just love the feeling and being so blessed for surviving the past year, given so much love, & another chance to live. :D Thank you Lord for everything! I can never be more thankful for this life, my family, my dogs and my true friends :D

and yesss!!! I've got lots of surprises for you guys and HUGE GIVEAWAYS :D wait for my birthday giveaway! it will be posted SOON :D I promise to be more active in blogging and events etc. :) I know i'll be successful in this field one day. :) Thanks to everyone esp. my blogger friends and beauty gurus for being such an inspiration :D and to you guys my readers and people who watch my videos eventho I rarely update cos of my busy sked. haha! Thanks for the love <3 wait for the CHANGE ;)



Monday, October 29, 2012


one of my favorite beauty bloggers ms. shen! :) don't forget to join! til tomorrow only! lets go and give some love <3 so sorry I was so busy ever since sept. and I wasnt able to blog about this. I can't tell why cos its personal but I think its better late than never :) I've been reading her blog for almost 3 years now and was able to meet her a few months back during ms. martha's  (TheBeautyJunkee) meet and greet. they were both so down to earth, funny and really approachable :) I know ms. shen deserves so much more as she has inspired not only me but a lot of readers and can i just say the help she's been sharing all throughout these 4 years?:) Thanks again Ms. shen and happy birthday! More years to come :D

check it here:


Friday, October 26, 2012

My simple princess make-up tutorial

Hi guys! pls do check my youtube channel :) I have a new video! a simple princess make-up tutorial for halloween or whatever party you have ;) I don't like halloween and scary stuff so yeah, no creepy dolls for me. haha! this is a collab video with joyce sola, so check her video out too.

Thanks for watching xx

Respect! :)
Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beauty Blogger Bonanza Giveaway Winners!!!

hi ladies!!! :D i'm so happy to announce that we've already picked the winners. please do check out the video below <3 *exciting* weeee! Thanks again to everyone who joined<3 giveaways are not yet over! there's more to come :D and I have one ongoing right now! check my october giveaway on my previous post <3

To the winners of BBB3 you have 48 hrs. to email Jannie of Jannnieology. @ with the subject BEAUTY BLOGGER BONANZA WINNER. don't forget to include your details such as name, address & contact nos. :D if you won't be able to contact her within 48hrs. sadly, we have to pick a new winner :( SO PLEASE HURRY AND WATCH THE VIDEO NOW AND YOU MIGHT BE THE LUCKY WINNER <3

Thanks again! :)


Thanks again to my fellow beauty bloggers, Chel, jannie, eyah, michelle, iya & gen-zel <3
The prizes! :D

Love y'all! <3

October Giveaway

Hi ladies! :) it's good to be back! sorry for not blogging for almost 2 weeks! been so busy lately. anyway, I'm so blessed to have another sponsor for a giveaway :D Thank you so much Miss Bella PH !!! this giveaway is sort of like my pre-birthday for you guys but I promise my birthday giveaway will be bigger :) FEEL FREE TO JOIN! (not open internationally. sorry:(

I'll be having (1) 24 slots lipstick holder to the 1st winner 
2nd winner- (1) square & (1) round lipstick holder
and 3 winners for the consolation prize of (1) square lipstick holder each! :D


awesome right? :D all you have to do is enter thru rafflecopter (please wait for it to load) which will be shown below at the end of the blog post :) (please follow the instructions.)

ps. I think people who unfollows after a giveaway is RUDE. please don't join just for the sake of winning prizes. nevertheless, I am really thankful to my loyal readers and friends. 
again, Good luck and Thanks a lot for joining!

I will announce the winners via FB, twitter and Blog post :)



posted below are the pictures of the prizes! :D perfect for organizing make-up stuff!
*ps. winners will shoulder the shipping fee or I can do meet-ups nearby :)*

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Monday, October 22, 2012

Aisa Ipac's Bazaar for all season ticket giveaway :)

Join Aisa Ipac's bazaar for all season ticket giveaway! :D you don't wanna miss this awesome bazaar! (I know cos I wasn't able to attend the superb sale bazaar last week too :( This will be nearer tho :D only at centris along q.ave Quezon City! it's along edsa before you head to trinoma and sm north :D save the date! nov 3-4 10am-8pm :D see you! DON'T FORGET TO JOIN aisa's giveaway cos she'll be giving away 15 tickets :D

*check the details below from aisa's site :D join now!


 Now I'll be giving away 15 tickets for free! 

Just do these simple steps:
1.) Must be a follower of this blog.
2. Follow Bazaar For All Season on FACEBOOK and TWITTER.
3. Share this giveaway on your blog, facebook or twitter. Just don't forget to link or tag Bazaar For All Season!:)
4. Leave your name and email below.

Will choose 15 winner on Oct. 31, 2012. See you there!:
Wednesday, October 17, 2012


guessss whaaat! I won Marj Sia's birthday giveaway contest!  I CAN'T EXPLAIN THE JOY AND HAPPINESS I AM FEELING RIGHT NOW <3 i've always loved her ever since I knew her through beauty blogs that I read and of course whenever I see her in Tricia Gosingtian's blog posts! :)

yessss. I'm attending her sparty tomorrow and I can't believe i'll be able to meet my "blogging inspirations". HAHAHA beauty bloggers and fashion bloggers here and there and moreeee. ahhhhhhhh!!!  omg I can't even type correctly because of my excitement =)) pluusss we get a head to toe makeover from Entice Salon! wow! what a loaded party! all I ever wanted was to meet Ms Marj and she was too kind to give so much :D

I can't hardly wait for tomorrow! will def blog about it :D weee!!! <3 Thank you Lord :) so blessed!


Entice salon FB:

Check their social networks!!! :D


Monday, October 15, 2012

what's happening this weekend?

Hi ladies! so I promise i'll be posting more events happening here and there starting today haha! may it be a sale, make-up event, launching etc. to keep you guys updated as well.

 as for I am a dancer at heart, I'll also post some events and competitions so stay tuned about that :) for now, I'll be posting these events happening this weekend oct 19-21! are you excited as I am?:)

The supersale bazaar! i've always attended this awesome bazaar! I love how all my favorite shops are participating and also you can win lots of prizes from their raffles every hour! of course don't forget the yummy food selection before you enter. :D hihi so excited! @ the world trade center this weekend! don't ever miss this chance of early Christmas shopping :)

for free tickets: (hurry! less than 200 tickets left! get yours now :)

 shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Holiday 2012 Cosmetic Collection launch!!

Happening this oct 20 (Rockwell) & oct 21 (ATC) 10am! so excited! get your tickets at any Shu Uemura Branch! :) 

need I say more? better not miss this! :D hihi SM 3 day sales are the best ! :D


so that's it! hope you got something from this post haha! See you around! :)


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Monday Blues Blog Hop

so happy to be able to co-host this blog hop it's me and Nik ash of Niks Confessional! Thanks to Traci of Drink Citra, Christa of Chrissy Ai, and Jayne of Cosmetic Proof :D

I'm so excited to meet new bloggers all around the world! feel free to comment down below and I'd gladly follow y'all back :) Kindly read the instructions as well. ;)

Thanks! much love & respect <3

Raych <3

Saturday, October 13, 2012

just a little favor!

Hi ladies! please like my photo entry on Tony Moly Philippines on Facebook! I joined their goddess glow make-up contest :) I'd gladly appreciate if you do! thanks so much :D

 here's the link!
My entry for the Goddess Glow make-up look

Thanks <3

Friday, October 12, 2012

My september beauty giveaway winner!

so I checked all of the entries which reached 907 :D thank you so much to everyone who joined! don't worry if you didn't win. THERE WILL BE MORE ;) especially my birthday month's coming up :) please do join my collab giveaway with BBU :) and i'll also have an october beauty giveaway next week so watch out for that :D Thanks again to everyone ;) so here it goes!!! the winner is.........


her entry ;) (I love your answer dear! i'll definitely see you soon ;)

congrats sissy! thank you so much for all the support and love :) please do contact me on Facebook and send me your details so I can send you your loot :D

so there! thanks again and more giveaways to come <3


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 This is super exciting! I cant wait! almost a day left :D weee! I love my bdj planner and knowing they'll have a fair? goodness. for sure it will be purely awesome! from lots of activities to freebies and workshops, woooow! YOU SHOULD NEVER MISS THIS ;) I'll bring my sister with me so this will definitely be a great bonding for us ;) now don't think twice, better go and have fun! see you there ;) for more details about this please read on. everything if from bdj ;)

See you at the SM MOA Music Hall on October 14, from 10am to 10pm!

Aside from their interesting line-up of guest speakers and fun activities, I’m super excited to check out the latest editions of the BDJ Power Planner, Navi: Your Lifestyle Navigator, and their newest babies – the everything is possible planner and newest edition of the BDJ FMN notebooks!

Belle de Jour Power Planner
The Belle de Jour (BDJ) Power Planner is especially made for the Pinay fashionista achiever. The term Belle de Jour (bel duh zhoor') is French fashion lingo for "It" girl, and we have redefined it to mean the modern day renaissance woman who dares to achieve her goals, lives her dream life, makes a difference in her community, all while doing everything in great style.
All pages reflect the uniqueness of the BDJ Girl.  The BDJ Power Planner includes time-management principles to help BDJ Girls manage their life better, articles and affirmatioc ns to inspire them to live life to the fullest and over Php20,000 worth of coupons - to remind them of work-life balance.

Navi_cover (2)
NAVI: Your Life Navigator
Who wouldn't want to see the world? Inspired by the traveler who embraces uncertainty, NAVI: Your Life Navigator, reminds us about the importance of going places and belonging in those places. On their fourth year, NAVI 2013 encourages us to ask the important questions and to be patient with getting answers, while still keeping our life goals in check. With its low-key travel-themed design, inspiring travel articles, and plenty of space for notes every week,NAVI 2013 is the must-have planner for men and women who want to keep moving forward in life. 

EIP_cover (2)

Imagine what you would do every day if you tell yourself that everything is possible? everything is possible is about simplifying life by creating concrete goals and breaking them down into achievable steps. Pick from our inspiring quotes to use as your mantra, and maximize our much-loved time management-based layout to help you be mindful of anything, big or small, as a real possibility. With its minimalist clean design, everything is possible is the planner for anyone itching for a fresh start.

Our BDJ Forget-Me-Not line is the ultimate companion to the BDJ Planner. Purchase one or all of these handy pads separately, for the endless things you need to write down.
               FMNitem3_cover (2)
Take a moment to write things down and never let a brilliant idea go to waste. CREATE/INSPIRE is your perfect idea pad.

FMNitem4_cover (2)
Start with a clear agenda, organize your thoughts and assign tasks easily with DARE/ACHIEVE, your go-to pad for meetings.
Keep your cash in control and be on top of your tasks with SAVE/DO, your dual-purpose pad for tracking cash and to-dos.

Check out the newest releases of the Belle de Jour team at the 2012 BDJ Fair: Limitless! at the SM MOA Music Hall on October 14.  Are you Bellas excited?  I sure am! :)

wanna know more about bdj or dont wanna miss any event? reach them on these social sites and do pre-register for the workshops on sunday! :)

Know more about the different BDJ Fair activities and sign up details here:
Like them on Facebook:
Follow them on Twitter: @BDJBuzz
Visit their website:



Thursday, October 11, 2012

BBU Beauty Blogger Bonanza Giveaway

Hey awesome! this is my first ever collab giveaway and I can't explain how excited I am to team up with these lovely ladies of beauty bloggers united :D feel free to join and who knows? you might win these fabulous prizes!!!

 PLEASE JOIN and support beauty bloggers united !! :D

Jannie of Jannieology, Raych of Makeup by RaychEyah of Eyahnism, Iya of From Nails to MakeupMichelle of All About Being GlamGen-zel of Genzel Kisses and Michelle of MicMic's corner, together with these generous sponsors Unicorn Delight , Caramel Sundae Online and The Pinkish Hub. That's because we love our followers so much :D This is open to Philippine residents only but I hope we can come up with an international giveaway soon! so don't worry ;)


1 sling bag
1 hair bun maker
1 pack multiple pairs false eyelashes
1 pack hair curlers
1 pair earbuds1 set stick on nails
1 set etude house ombre nails
1 set sticker nail design
1 pair crystal lenses (partially hidden under all the prizes!)
1 minnie mouse lens kit
1 wet n wild loose eyeshadow
1 mineral makeup loose powder foundation
3 samplers (skin care)
1 crocheted pen holder
1 human nature lip balm
1 suesh foundation roller1
 sansan powder blush
1 elf concealer kit

 1 sling bag
1 neon headband
1 hair bun maker
1 pack hair curlers
1 pair false eyelashes
1 pair earbuds
1 set stick on nails
1 set sticker nail design
1 olay skin care product
3 samplers (skin care)
1 wet n wild loose eyeshadow
1 crocheted pen holder
1 human nature lip balm
1 suesh foundation roller
1 sansan powder blush
1 elf lip gloss
1 bath n body works hand sanitizer
1 skin white pack

1 sling bag
1 body butter
1 hair bun maker
1 set stick on nails
1 set sticker nail design
2 skin white packs
1 crocheted pen holder
1 sansan powder blush
1 human nature lip balm
3 samplers (skin care)
1 suesh foundation roller
1 veet tube

1 neon headband
3 neon bracelets
4 hodge podge items

Just enter through rafflecopter then you're done. (please wait for it to load) The giveaway will end on October 25, 2012.  I'm excited as you are so join now! :D


a Rafflecopter giveaway

David Guetta experience part I

why oh why? cos I had the best times yet! so one afternoon I was just chilling at home and as usual surfing the internet. so then again I saw another contest from globe and they'll be giving away 4 pairs of tickets for david guetta's concert that night! I was like "okay! let me try again. maybe I'll be lucky again this time" (I won a meet and greet for Nicki Minaj last june ;)!!) Awesome right? I forgot to blog about that tho. HAHA! anyway, so there after an hour of hoping I WON! YES YES YES <3 so I went with my bestfriend that night and it was supeeer fun! kinda dragging tho cos it was really a LOOONG wait before David went out but it was worth it!!! the concert was for 6 hrs! but hey it was really worth the money for a lot of people & MOA ARENA was like a big club cos everyone was partying :)) and I wont ever forget how awesome ALESSO AND KAZJAMES were!!  <3

ahhhh I just really can't thank globe that much for these amazing concerts! it really pays to be a loyal subscriber for almost 10 years ;) thanks again globe!

ohh and we went to republiq for the after party! super thanks again pam soli for always hooking us up :) (I love rebecca & fiona) awesome djs :D

so thereeee! PART II of my david guetta experience, soon :D

here's a collage of the event. I will post more and even the videos! wait for it :D

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Urban Decay Friends & Family Sale

ahhh its here again! and can you believe that EVERYTHING is 20% off? even the sale items and the newest products! grab your urban decay haul NOW! :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Make-up Video: Wet n Wild megalast lipcolor

hi guys! how are you doing? I just uploaded my new video :) hope you'll check it out& do tell me what you think about it :) if you're curious about the wet n wild megalast lipcolors and if they really last then watch the video to find out.

Thanks so much for watching!



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Product Review: MUA Lipsticks

Hi guys! so here's another review on Make-up Academy's products!!! the lipsticks <3 I only got 4 but I can't stop raving about it! for only 1 pound or 65 pesos, you get these awesome babies <3

I'm so excited to show the pictures <3

  packaging's fine. but the circle underneath is kinda shaky -__-

look how pretty the colors are <3

shade 3, shade 12, shade 13 &shade 15 (don't mind the covers. the red one is shade 13) :)

swatches :)

1st) shade 15 - a bright pink <3 it's sooo pretty!

2nd) shade 15- a perfect everyday red lip color! I love this :)

 w/o flash
w/ flash

3rd) shade 3- pink color w/ glitters. I love this but it has TOO much glitters :(
it's kinda has that awkward feeling or maybe I'm just biased cos I love matte lippies. haha!

4th) shade 12- MY FAVORITE <3 I didn't even expect it to turn out this way! as you can see in the pictures the lipstick looks orange! but when you swatch it it looks like a pale-ish pink but I cann it my perfect everyday lip color <3 I super love thissss!!!

w/o flash

w/ flash! see it's so pretty <3

can you see how orange it is? I thought it was coral-ish but it wasnt. looks can really be deceiving ;)

I LOVE MY MUA LIPSTICKS! can't wait to order more :D
  •  really pigmented!
  • so cheap :D 1 pound or 65php only :D
  • lots of colors to choose from :D
  • handy :)
  • I love everything about this lipstick :D hihi
  • not locally available :( you have to order directly from uk.
  • hmm some shades have too much glitter.
  • I don't like the smell :( but it gets off easily once you apply it on your lips. hihi
  • not that stable packaging
  • not long wearing :(

i'll give this product a 9/10 !!! :D if the packaging will be more stable and they remove the funky smell, I'm all 10 with this :D but nonetheless I love their lipsticks! so affordable yet sooooo AWEZOMEEEEE <3

I've been such a lip junkie lately eventho I don't wear lipsticks that much :)) I'm just so in love with the colors <3 This is just the 2nd part of my MUA haul! stay tuned for the next :D

Hope I get the chance to help you choose some amazing MUA products! I know it's really hard to choose which to buy from their site. hihi (I experienced the same! been reading lots of blogs so I can decide)

So there! thanks for dropping by <3


official website: