Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Product Review: MUA heaven & earth eyeshadow Palette

Hi guys! it's been awhile since i've posted a product review. I'm really trying my best to atleast post 3 every week. buuuut. okay whatever :))

So here's another make-up review & also one of my favorite palettes as of the moment. I don't own the naked 1 right now but I'll def have it before this year ends. can't deny the fact that i'm so in love with my naked 2 ever since it came out ;) just a segway cos this palette has been compared to the naked 1 (well some of the shades) !!! can you believe that? a 6 gbp worth of palette compared to a 50 usd one? AMAZING.

so let's get this over with! here are some of the photos I took for you guys to get a better view about what I'm talking about ;)

 Love the packaging! you can see the colors clearly ;)

Such pretty colors!!!

 and look how pigmented! <3

 can I just say I love the applicator? it's not the usual applicator that's cottony-ish, I can't explain tho :))

Here are the swatches :)

left: w/ primer right: w/o primer (still so pigmented!)

left: w/ primer (5x wiped w/ tissue) right: w/o primer  (5x wiped w/ tissue)
that's how important a primer is! btw I used ELF's eyer primer :)

I'm gonna swatch the top row first :)

w/o primer

 top row swatch w/ primer

w/ primer (5x wiped w/ tissue)

 w/o primer (5x wiped w/ tissue)

Now i'll be swatching the 2nd row :)

w/o primer

w/ primer 

2nd row swatch (left: w/o primer right: w/ primer)

Not much of a difference. that's how pigmented these eyeshadows are but of course it all comes down to how long the eyeshadows will last ;)

  • I love this so much!
  • Really worth it!
  • so cheap yet effective.
  • really pigmented
  • perfect everyday eye make-up look
  • wide variety of neutral colors
  • not available locally
  • you need to order online and have it shipped to the Philippines= extra bucks for shipping and/or customs fee
  • but for the products itself, no complaints! I perfectly love it ;)

Price: 4 GBP or  260php  AMAZEBALLS! i will definitely buy all their palettes soon! hahaha

waiiiiit THEY'RE HAVING IT ON SALE NOW FOR 3 pounds!!! go get it ;)

Rating: i'll give this palette 10 stars!!! or even more ;) 

kudos to Make-up Academy for creating such amazing yet affordable products! I really wish we'll have one here in the Philippines :)

check their sites out: 

official website:

I'd honestly tell you that you'll have to wait for almost a month to receive the items directly from UK. but it doesn't hurt to wait if you'll be welcomed by awesome prodcuts like these right?:)

do you have a similar post too? let me know! I'd gladly check your blog out ;)


Thanks for dropping by <3

btw here's the link to liz's blog comparing ud1 and mua's heaven & earth :D

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