Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Product Review: MUA Lipsticks

Hi guys! so here's another review on Make-up Academy's products!!! the lipsticks <3 I only got 4 but I can't stop raving about it! for only 1 pound or 65 pesos, you get these awesome babies <3

I'm so excited to show the pictures <3

  packaging's fine. but the circle underneath is kinda shaky -__-

look how pretty the colors are <3

shade 3, shade 12, shade 13 &shade 15 (don't mind the covers. the red one is shade 13) :)

swatches :)

1st) shade 15 - a bright pink <3 it's sooo pretty!

2nd) shade 15- a perfect everyday red lip color! I love this :)

 w/o flash
w/ flash

3rd) shade 3- pink color w/ glitters. I love this but it has TOO much glitters :(
it's kinda has that awkward feeling or maybe I'm just biased cos I love matte lippies. haha!

4th) shade 12- MY FAVORITE <3 I didn't even expect it to turn out this way! as you can see in the pictures the lipstick looks orange! but when you swatch it it looks like a pale-ish pink but I cann it my perfect everyday lip color <3 I super love thissss!!!

w/o flash

w/ flash! see it's so pretty <3

can you see how orange it is? I thought it was coral-ish but it wasnt. looks can really be deceiving ;)

I LOVE MY MUA LIPSTICKS! can't wait to order more :D
  •  really pigmented!
  • so cheap :D 1 pound or 65php only :D
  • lots of colors to choose from :D
  • handy :)
  • I love everything about this lipstick :D hihi
  • not locally available :( you have to order directly from uk.
  • hmm some shades have too much glitter.
  • I don't like the smell :( but it gets off easily once you apply it on your lips. hihi
  • not that stable packaging
  • not long wearing :(

i'll give this product a 9/10 !!! :D if the packaging will be more stable and they remove the funky smell, I'm all 10 with this :D but nonetheless I love their lipsticks! so affordable yet sooooo AWEZOMEEEEE <3

I've been such a lip junkie lately eventho I don't wear lipsticks that much :)) I'm just so in love with the colors <3 This is just the 2nd part of my MUA haul! stay tuned for the next :D

Hope I get the chance to help you choose some amazing MUA products! I know it's really hard to choose which to buy from their site. hihi (I experienced the same! been reading lots of blogs so I can decide)

So there! thanks for dropping by <3


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