Sunday, November 11, 2012

Meet up with. Ms. Shen :)

Hello guys! I forgot to post about this last week.... -___- anyway, I won ms. Shen's contest for her 4th blogversary :D there were 10 winners and I'm so happy for my fellow beauty blogger friends too! I was actually *super* shocked that I won and of course giddy/happy but I didn't really expect it. I've been a reader for almost 3 years now or more than 3 years. I don't know. haha! its just that I love reading ms. shen's blog! it's one of the best beauty blogs in the world!!! I love the way she writes and her humor and everythiiinnggg. lol but seriously she is really one fun and loving person. <3 I got lots of things to say but I think it's better if you check NOW! I bet you'll love her as much as I do :)

Thanks again Ms. shen for this great opportunity of knowing you more! it's really not about the prizes. I swear. All I ever wanted was for ms. shen to read my story and know how much she has inspired me to be better in this passion :) You'll always be an inspiration Ms. shen!

 Ohhhh and Thanks also to my fellows beauty bloggers and new friends Iya Boto and Svetlani Santiago!!! thank you for waiting for me and for the nonstop chikahan! I had so much fun with you girls :) See you all soon!

NOW let the pictures do the talking!! :)

*I don't mean to brag about this. so please don't judge. RESPECT :)

view of my loot :)

SERENITEA! :) Ms. shen was super kind! she really treated the 3 of us! we were super shy but thanks
Ms. shen :D

our wintermelon milk tea <3 YUM!

The 4 of us! really had a hard time taking our picture :))
will wait for the photos from svetlani! :)

pretty photos!


With the super pretty ms. shen :D

such cute designs!

Serenitea at the fort!

My Milk tea :)

With Iya and Svetlani! Nice meeting you girls :D
Thanks a lot :D

My prizes :) Thanks ms. shen! supeeeer :D

Ms. Shen posted our photo on her instagram account :D
*kilig* *fangirl* HAHAHA!

So that's it! will post a part II of this which will contain more photos :D

Thanks for dropping by <3


  1. These pictures are great! Looking forward to Part II. :)

    I’m a little late (sorry, life got totally in the way this weekend!) visiting from the Friday Chaos Hop.

  2. wow! that's a whole lot of loot. :)

    hope you can check out my blog at