Sunday, November 11, 2012

Post-Birthday Giveaway

Hi guys! So the long wait is OVER J Here’s my post-birthday giveaway! I’m so sorry cos I had to do lots of things but I hope you’ll still join my giveaway! Again, many thanks to my generous sponsors!!! This won’t be possible without you! So are you Ready? The giveaway will end on nov. 30 so make sure you’ll join asap. This is open to Philippine residents only. 

enter through the rafflecopter app below just for me to know and see that you really followed the 1st step :) *pls wait for it to load at the end of the post :)
Instructions: (please take time to read and follow)

      1)   All about Raych
  •        Follow me Via GFC
  •        Like my FB Page: Make-up By Raych
  •       Follow me on twitter:
  •        Like my youtube channel:
  •     You will only be qualified in this giveaway if you follow all the 4 accounts.  if you plan to unfollow me after the giveaway please do not mind joining J

      2)   Like the Sponsors FB pages. If you follow their other accounts, that’s a plus for your entry J click the links down below J
·      Krave
·      Miss Bella PH
·      Mascara Queen
·      My Makeup Empire
·      Spade x Space
·       Pink Me
·      Jailex Couture

*if you didn't like all their pages your entry won't be valid for the giveaway :( show them some love please!:)

     3)   Tweet about my giveaway
·      “Join @rrraych ‘s post-bday giveaway. Visit”
·      you can also send as much tweets as you want and you might just win my consolation prize J

    4)   Post this on my FB page:
“Join @make up by raych ‘s post bday giveaway and wins lots of prizes from (tag atleast 3 sponsors and say etc. on the end J also tag 2 friends) :)

     5)   Make a blog post about my giveaway J just post the mechanics and photo. it's also a plus if you post this photo on your sidebar :)
here's the link (copy and paste it on your sidebar)  
<img src="" />

     6)   Lastly, leave a comment on my blog with your
And answer this question.
Why you deserve to win my giveaway (it should be related to beauty and you can also insert your experiences, etc.) 

BEST ANSWER wins! I won’t randomly pick winners anymore cos it’s not fair. :(

So that’s it. Hope y’all follow the instructions! Again,  My giveaway will end on nov. 30 J and I will announce the winners on dec. 1. I will post the winners on my blog, fb and twitter. Free shipping anywhere in the Philippines! Again, THIS GIVEAWAY IS OPEN TO PHILIPPINE READERS ONLY. Sorry. (I hope I’ll host an international giveaway soonJ)

here are the prizes! :D

1st Prize <3

2nd Prize :)

closer View of the 1st prize :D

closer view of the 2nd Prize :D

Consolation Prize :)
(you can tweet as much as you want to win this! :)

Thanks for joining! Good luck :)

So there! Thanks so much for taking time to read J Love y’all!

*if you have further more questions feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at Thanks!


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