Friday, January 18, 2013

Chic Cosmetics haul!

This is not my 1st haul this 2013 but it's the first one I get to blog about. so let's get started, shall we!?:)

Thank God for Multiply for being so generous in giving out discount codes! (tho I kinda blame them for always making me poor =))) lalala!!! The beauty addict in me went gaga when I saw multiply's 1st "discount frenzy" this 2013.

So yes. It did kinda hurt my wallet but atleast I got to buy what I needed. (yes I needed those. don't

I went crazy from this site to that but I settled for just ONE!!! (too much control here) and that's CHIC COSMETICS. I've seen their new face brushes just last week and i've been craving to have them! sooooo. I purchased it along with their great products. Since I'm gonna be filming again for my Youtube account, I really wanted to buy nice but affordable brushes that my viewers can easily buy and also some beauty products that would fit most of the ladies' budget.

I'll just go through the products that I purchased and I promise to make a video about it and also an in-depth review in my blog. :)

So here they are! <333

 The concealer palette (350php) I swear by this product is amazing! esp. the orange concealer!!! <3

 Flawless Sponge (280php) <3
 Concealer Foundation in Porcelain (300php) ANOTHER FAVORITE!

And lastly, the AMAZING BRUSHES!!! (1100php) I can't wait to use these babies!!!

the total is 2030php but I used multiply's Discount Frenzy code and got 500php off my total bill!

YES 1530php for 4 amazing products! :) please do watch out for my youtube video this weekend about chic cosmetics and my ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY! :)

For the meantime, please do check out their website:

Don't hesitate to buy from them. The seller's amazing and multiply has an ongoing discount code again! it's the 20% off on all items the code is PH-TWENTYOFF :) so what are you waiting for? Check CHIC now!

swatches about these products SOON!


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Merry Holidays!

Hi guys! here's my fotd for Christmas eve :) My make-up was light and natural. I didn't go bold with the eye make-up at all. I just used a light brown shimmery eyeshadow to make it pop. I also wore some mascara and falsies to make it look prettier. <3 and the rest was the usual foundation routine, concealer for the flawless look and then I added some pink blush and lipstick.<3

The reason why i didn't go crazy over make-up because simply Christmas for me is all about being contented and happy with yourself regardless of what you'll be receiving underneath the Christmas tree. :) I just went for that sassy / sweet look and I was good to go!

While for my new year look, I went as fierce as black. yeeeeep! I did because that's how I want to face 2013! STRONG AND NO HOLDING BACK ;)

I enjoyed my Holidays with my loved ones and of course sharing my blessings to other people :) I didn't get much but I know I have enough blessings that I should be thankful for everyday. Christmas is not just every Dec should be everyday. we all have our choice to share each and everyday of our lives no matter how small or big we can offer. it is indeed the thought that counts. :) I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and Wishing you all the best this 2013! heads up and God bless <3

ps. this is also my entry for Celline's holiday make-up giveaway contest :)

check it out here! and check her awesome blog too! she's one of my fav pinay beauty bloggers <3

Facebook: Product Arena By Celline 08 <3

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zen Zest Diva Off

Here comes my late post! well it's better late than never ;) ENJOY!

It's been awhile since I posted some stuff here in my blog. Been so busy lately! (what's new) I started working again and been teaching during our dance practices for our Company's Christmas party.  so I don't have time to blog anymore (so sad). I also missed a lot of events :( but it's okay! I know there's something much better out there. :)

Anyway, I just want to share my experience last with such amazing people! It was Zen Zest Asia's Holiday Collection Launch last  at Red Box, Greenbelt 3. I got an invite from Ms. Liz of Project Vanity . YES. I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT. I wanted to slap myself when I read her email inviting me to join the event. WOW. just wow. <3 really honored!

Thank you so much for the invite Ms. Liz! I've always been a fan of yours and I admire how flexible you are! (she organized the event, if I'm not mistaken). ;)

So there, I went with Iya :D one of my closest friends in beauty blogging! Super adventure kami on our way to makati! Tho I know how to drive to Makati but it really creeps me out LOL if you know what I mean. Anyway, So we arrived super early.. around 5:30p.m. so we went to Glorietta for Iya's fitting @ ferreti. Kalerkey lang yung lakad namin from GB1 to Glorietta!!! =)) but I super love it there! grabe ang tagal ko ng di nakapunta doon! The malls there reminded me of SG!

So we went to red box at 630pm but ms. liz told us to come back at 7pm because they're still setting up. So Iya and I went to serenitea, first. (we remembered ms.Shen who treated us 2 weeks ago at Boni high :D)

After that, we went back to red box. We were super shy cos we know that famous bloggers will be there. =)) Fan girls! So as we entered, it was Divine Lee and Victor Basa who welcomed us. kamusta naman sa self-esteem. parang gusto na namin lumabas at mukhang mali  ang room na pinasukan namin =)) di ko madedeny sobrang nastarstruck ako at fan talaga ako ni mother divine! kakatweet ko lang sakanya non dahil sa award niya tas biglang nung gabi makakabonding mo pala! ang bongga talaga!!! (becky much lang lol)

I also met A LOT of bloggers! may it be fashion, beauty or lifestyle! I saw familiar faces too! super fun talaga! and of course the main part of the event is the diva off! everyone was encouraged to sing any song they want! super enjoy but sadly we weren't able to sing cos of the lack of time :( but congrats to the winners! my beauty inspirations! Ms. martha was the champion! super talented and deserving!! :) the runner-ups were Paul, Ms. Shen and our very own Iya.

So here are more photos!!! enjoy <3

The bloggers arriving! can you spot verniece?:)

my favorites!!!

the affordable holiday sets!!! <3 75-99 PHP ONLY!


w/ Ms. Divine <3 super love her!


Ms. Michelle (the owner of zenzest :)
The enciso sisters <3 super love them!!

Hi there pretty iya! :)

With Ms. phoebe :)

weee new friends :D

hi sexy mikki! <3

the divas!
gorgeous ms. martha :D

iya, me and ms. shen :D
my ever favorite Ms. shen :D

I finally met them :D Divine lee and Victor basa!


Hope you had fun reading my post! 

don't forget to visit Zen Zest <3


New year! Hello 2013!

Hi guys!!! it's been a looooong time. I know I haven't blogged much this year... Too much details that I don't wanna go through but anyway, I am beyond grateful for all the support and friends I've gained last 2012 :) I'm really surprised how this beauty blogging industry boomed and how a lot of ladies were inspired to share it with other people. :)

I really wish you guys all the best this 2013!!!! us bloggers to have more time and opportunities for this passion and not forget to inspire and spread the love.<3  I once asked (during her sparty wherein I won, Thanks hihi) Marj Sia about her passion with blogging and she told me how she really loved make-up and she doesn't wanna force things like doing a blog every single day or posting this and that cos it's not passion anymore.. it's like you're forced to do it every single day... So that's how I was these past few months. I don't blog just because I wanna be famous or get sponsors etc. I loved everything about make-up and beauty because it made me realize that somehow I have that creative side in me. I never fail to check blogs and yt videos everyday (well, that's how it all started) eventho I don't blog that much. I love seeing people who are really passionate about it and it really does suck for those who are just joining the band wagon. Also, according to Ms. Shen it's not all about the a-status. We all have our ups and downs but we have the choice to get back up and continue what we really love to do. :)

Yes... I'm the type of person who does things because I love it.. no matter what other people would say.. (well as long as I know I'm not hurting anyone or doing anything wrong then why stop?) We all have our own unique side in us. My love for make-up is same as any guy's love for NBA. so don't judge us. there's something more to make-up. it's not all about covering your flaws. ;)

This year, I claim it again to be a blessed one. I hope I can post more and do make-up videos. I also wish to attend more events and learn much more from the experts! Also hands down to my ever inspirations in this beauty / make-up artistry industry,  Ms. ShenMs. MarthaMs. Liz, Ms. Marj, Ms. Donna, and a whole lot more! Thank you for inspiring me to be better in this craft. I salute you all for the hardwork and sacrifice you've done. :)

So that's it. I wish y'all (even non-makeup bloggers) success and joy this year 2013! remember, there's no shortcuts to success. ALWAYS strive hard and don't give up. :) Thanks again for being part of my 2012, hope you'll still be here for me this 2013. Heads up! God bless you all <3