Friday, January 18, 2013

Chic Cosmetics haul!

This is not my 1st haul this 2013 but it's the first one I get to blog about. so let's get started, shall we!?:)

Thank God for Multiply for being so generous in giving out discount codes! (tho I kinda blame them for always making me poor =))) lalala!!! The beauty addict in me went gaga when I saw multiply's 1st "discount frenzy" this 2013.

So yes. It did kinda hurt my wallet but atleast I got to buy what I needed. (yes I needed those. don't

I went crazy from this site to that but I settled for just ONE!!! (too much control here) and that's CHIC COSMETICS. I've seen their new face brushes just last week and i've been craving to have them! sooooo. I purchased it along with their great products. Since I'm gonna be filming again for my Youtube account, I really wanted to buy nice but affordable brushes that my viewers can easily buy and also some beauty products that would fit most of the ladies' budget.

I'll just go through the products that I purchased and I promise to make a video about it and also an in-depth review in my blog. :)

So here they are! <333

 The concealer palette (350php) I swear by this product is amazing! esp. the orange concealer!!! <3

 Flawless Sponge (280php) <3
 Concealer Foundation in Porcelain (300php) ANOTHER FAVORITE!

And lastly, the AMAZING BRUSHES!!! (1100php) I can't wait to use these babies!!!

the total is 2030php but I used multiply's Discount Frenzy code and got 500php off my total bill!

YES 1530php for 4 amazing products! :) please do watch out for my youtube video this weekend about chic cosmetics and my ANNIVERSARY GIVEAWAY! :)

For the meantime, please do check out their website:

Don't hesitate to buy from them. The seller's amazing and multiply has an ongoing discount code again! it's the 20% off on all items the code is PH-TWENTYOFF :) so what are you waiting for? Check CHIC now!

swatches about these products SOON!


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