Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year! Hello 2013!

Hi guys!!! it's been a looooong time. I know I haven't blogged much this year... Too much details that I don't wanna go through but anyway, I am beyond grateful for all the support and friends I've gained last 2012 :) I'm really surprised how this beauty blogging industry boomed and how a lot of ladies were inspired to share it with other people. :)

I really wish you guys all the best this 2013!!!! us bloggers to have more time and opportunities for this passion and not forget to inspire and spread the love.<3  I once asked (during her sparty wherein I won, Thanks hihi) Marj Sia about her passion with blogging and she told me how she really loved make-up and she doesn't wanna force things like doing a blog every single day or posting this and that cos it's not passion anymore.. it's like you're forced to do it every single day... So that's how I was these past few months. I don't blog just because I wanna be famous or get sponsors etc. I loved everything about make-up and beauty because it made me realize that somehow I have that creative side in me. I never fail to check blogs and yt videos everyday (well, that's how it all started) eventho I don't blog that much. I love seeing people who are really passionate about it and it really does suck for those who are just joining the band wagon. Also, according to Ms. Shen it's not all about the a-status. We all have our ups and downs but we have the choice to get back up and continue what we really love to do. :)

Yes... I'm the type of person who does things because I love it.. no matter what other people would say.. (well as long as I know I'm not hurting anyone or doing anything wrong then why stop?) We all have our own unique side in us. My love for make-up is same as any guy's love for NBA. so don't judge us. there's something more to make-up. it's not all about covering your flaws. ;)

This year, I claim it again to be a blessed one. I hope I can post more and do make-up videos. I also wish to attend more events and learn much more from the experts! Also hands down to my ever inspirations in this beauty / make-up artistry industry,  Ms. ShenMs. MarthaMs. Liz, Ms. Marj, Ms. Donna, and a whole lot more! Thank you for inspiring me to be better in this craft. I salute you all for the hardwork and sacrifice you've done. :)

So that's it. I wish y'all (even non-makeup bloggers) success and joy this year 2013! remember, there's no shortcuts to success. ALWAYS strive hard and don't give up. :) Thanks again for being part of my 2012, hope you'll still be here for me this 2013. Heads up! God bless you all <3

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