Sunday, February 3, 2013

Benefit cosmetics Workshop

Finally!!! Here’s my post about Benefit’s workshop last Oct. I first came from The Fort and met up with Ms.Shen( to claim our prizes from her 4th anniversary giveaway. Oh happiness!!! <3 

so how did I know about this workshop?

well, I saw this at Benefit’s FB page and was surprised to know it was for FREE. yes!!! that's why I didn’t hesitate to invite my beauty blogger friends! (the more the merrier :D) 

As we entered Rustan’s, we looked for the benefit counter and I got all giddy and excited cos it was so gorgeous and really girly!!! it is indeed Every girl’s dream make-up collection! The workshop itself was organized and when I first saw ms. Mica, I was like is she seriously pregnant?! With that sexy figure and beautiful face. Wow. Really jealous. Lol. But she is really one gorgeous lady and she was kind enough to answer all our questions regarding make-up. I wouldn’t also forget her sense of humor and the way she made us feel comfortable during the workshop.

She taught us how to make a sexy sultry look using Benefit Cosmetics. I love the fact that we were also able to check all the products that she used. Each product was passed around for us to check on it and literally see how awesome benefit make-up is! (I really love this brand that’s why I didn’t miss the chance of attending this workshop.)<3

I admire Ms. Mica’s make-up skills. I can’t wait to attend more workshops from benefit and would definitely want Ms. Mica to do it again. :)

The workshop lasted for an hour and a half. after that, we all had our photo op and chit chats with other bloggers and the benefit staff. I would also want to commend their staff for being approachable and also Paula for being so kind to us! I’m so excited for more events by Benefit!

So here are the photos from the workshop! We indeed had SWATCH GALORE hahaha enjoy!

porefessionals galore!

new palettes!

wish I can have this supply! lol

ms. mica and the model

 the gorgeous highlighter! watt's up!

almost done! :)

 hoola bronzer! perfect for contouring! :)

 finishing the look with the brows using brow zings! :)

 isn't she gorgeous!?:)

the make-up less me and ms. mica ;)

 paula of benefit ! super kind! :)
 more benefit products!

 wax fix anyone?

 the model's finished look! stunning! :)

me and my good friend , iya <3 (one of my closest friends in beauty blogging!! :)

 what is haggard? HAHA
 group photo!
 us three :)
my makeup bestie, joyce! :) (hello to my makeupless face. haha)

more photos from the workshop here:

Benefit Cosmetics Philippines FB:

Ms. Mica's FB:


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