Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Leyende's Clean Slate

Hi guys! it's been awhile since I posted product reviews. I already did a draft for this product last month ever since I got it but my yahoo mail is acting up.. I can't seem to find the file in there. so now I'm making a new one. *toink* -__-

ANYWAY, I got this product FOR FREE. yes. F-R-E-E !!! Many thanks to the awesome sample room team! if you don't know about them yet check out www.sampleroom.ph and also check out my welcome blog post for them here ---> Sample Room goes live! yes its been almost 4 months!

I've always wanted to try Leyende's products. I've seen such great posts about this brand. it's an organic brand here in the Philippines. so when I saw that sample room had samples of their products, I didn't hesitated and clicked the GET A SAMPLE BUTTON RIGHT WAY! (too much excitement here) and can I just say they had the samples in FULL SIZE. talk about so much worth of your money for the shipping (which is for only 100php).

I was so excited cos I didn't have much cleansers. I also saw that this can be used as a make-up remover that's why I really wanted to try it out. all my make-up removers where oil based that's why this was sort of different to me.

ohhh I forgot to mention that in their site the sample was the bright lifting one but I guess they ran out of stock that's why they shipped out the clean slate too.

so here's what this product claims to have. (Photo from sample room's website)

So here's what I think about Leyende's clean Slate:

  • I so love the packaging! I love skin care products that has a pump in it. it makes it easier for me to use and less messy. ;)
  • Really works well on my skin! been using it for more than a month now.
  • easily removes make-up (even waterproof ones!)
  • a little amount goes a loooong way!
  • makes my skin smooth after wash.
  • didn't cause dryness to my skin
  • didn't sting my eye when I removed my eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara
  • AWFUL SMELL. (I think this is the only con for me. haha!) but seriously and with all honesty!
  • hmm.. product's kinda bulky. I think they should put a smaller pump.
  • the keychain is cute but I fin it unnecessary

I'll give this product an 8 because it really did satisfy my expectations for a cleanser. the only thing I hate about this is the SMELL. I know it's organic and it has pineapple extracts in it but sorry I'm really not fond of it :( but I love the fact that it's natural that's why there were no chemicals mixed in it.


This product costs 350php for a 100ml bottle. for me it's just fine to think it's organic too. kinda pricey for some but it never hurts to try as long as you have the moolah for it. haha! but thank God i got it for free through sample room! haha. I loooove this product and I recommend it to any skin care junkie out there! (just don't mind the smell)

So that's it! Hope I helped you guys out. I had to use it for a month to have a better review about it. :) I didn't want to review about it right away without knowing much more about the product. ;)

Thank you so much for reading my post! feel free to browse the photos below by yours truly. ;)

xoxo :)

Applied it all over the eyeliner

one wipe and it's gone!

What it's made of :)


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  1. Hi raych! Good to see you back in the blogsphere! :)) you were missed! I agree with the smell, I don't like it much either I find it too sweet and sweet is not even something we smell haha