Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WHY The Beauty Move?

Hi guys! I don't know how to start this but I'll just type whatever i'm feeling right now. it's my blog anyway. hahaha!

The Beauty Move is officially on the go! Now I know why I named my blog "The Beauty Move". Well, basically it's because I love Beauty and Dancing and it's both my passion but dancing has always been my no.1 love. hihi :D anyway, I thought of naming this blog last January. something that i'd really be able to live up to. So of course, beauty cos that's what it's mainly about then I thought of a word that I can incorporate with dance which is yes, MOVE. (I think it's not right to name my blog The Beauty Dance. k. corny. haha) So as simple as what the words say or what comes to your mind.

Hmmmm.. Maybe you're reading this right now as my relative, friend, someone I know way back in high school&or college, a beauty blogger, common friend blaaah or simply because of your curiosity. well, WELCOME TO MY WORLD. Thank you for taking time to click the link & read this blog post as I unfold the new face of my blog. 

Most of the people close to me know that I love MAKE-UP or anything beauty related (believe me it's been 4 years. all those sleepless nights where I just watch make-up videos and read beauty blogs.). I love collecting make-up but the weird thing is I don't like wearing full make-up. weird right? yup. that's just a short intro for you to know. (whuuuut.)

I don't want to write too much cos I know it's going to be boring but anyway this is just a usual blog post. I'm just really excited for the coming months for my blog. :D FYI I'm not doing this 'cos blogging is the fad nowadays or simply just to be famous. well if that's the case then I should've started way back but that's not my purpose. not at all. I don't care how many readers i'd get or even haters. haha. well that's part of life but I just really love doing this. :) This taught me how to be patient and creative. I also became interactive 'cos I got the chance to meet a lot of people and likewise I loved it and learned a lot.

So to cut this all short, with THE BEAUTY MOVE, you'll see videos and blog posts every week and discover more about beauty products/brands here in our country. (May it be skincare, make-up, lifestyle etc.) I'm so excited cos I already met up with 2 people regarding their brand and stuff. So there. I just really wanted to share my thoughts and plans. what do you think? i'd love to know and please do comment down below your blogs and channels cos i'd gladly read and check them out!

That's it. I talk too much. sorry. :p

Thanks for your time! I really appreciate it. Respect! 'til my next blog post.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Superb Bazaar x The Beauty Move giveaway!

hi guys! pretty please support another supersale bazaar!!!! it's already tomorrow :D may 22-26 at the SMX. yes not at the WTC. haha. don't forget to drop by cos it's til sunday pa! i'm so excited, aren't you? don't have tickets yet? then join my giveaway! i'll be giving 5 tickets for FREE. :D

So I won't make you guys wait any longer. view the mechanics below. PLEASE follow the rules. it's super simple anyway. ;)

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Affordable beauty haul!

yessss I am so excited to do this blog post and show you guys the makeup that I got and I only spent less than 1000 php ;)

I went to SM megamall awhile ago and I really love the fact that their beauty section is complete! they have new make-up brands (specifically european!) Essence, Flormar, BT, Italia etc. :D

so here are the photos. feel free to comment below on what items you want me to do a review about. :) I also can't wait to post my 1st ever haul video on my youtube channel.

finally got my core collection! I super love real techniques esp. PIXIWOO <3 thanks to my ever sweet boyfriend for this ;)

get it at Kalm Cosmetics! they're Philippine's official distributor of real techniques :)

get big! lashes from essence ;) too bad the waterproof is sold out :(

169 php for a mascara! good deal :)

the famous bronzer! check them out in SM megamall, SM mall of asia and SM Makati :) hope they'll have more branches esp. in the north area!

only for 259 php. THIS BRONZER IS BIG!!

italia! a new brand :) their eyeshadows are pigmented! super love it. not chalky at all :)

only 149 php for 8 eyeshadows! :)

this primer is amazing! and it's waterbased too :) perfect for dry skin like mine!

this one is on sale! its only 129php from BT :)

finally found this toner that i've been looking for forever! :)

I love the malunggay line <3 can't wait to try this out :)

so that's it! can't wait to share more about these products :)


*Photos taken using my S3 ;) so convenient to blog!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Maybelline: The Magnum Volum’ Express Mascara (Ultra Comb)

 I’ve never been a fan of mascaras. It’s actually the make-up product that I can live without. (I know it’s weird. Is it just me?!) sorry to say this but mascaras aren’t my priority at all. I easily get irritated when I wear mascara and I end up pulling my eyelashes. Haha! Well I must say THAT’S BEFORE until  I discovered Maybellne’s The Falsies (A gift from The Mascara Queen). I love every mascara from Maybelline. I know everyone can agree to me on this. They’re so affordable and the best out there. It is really effective in adding volume and length especially to girls like me who have short and not so thick eyelashes.

So here’s my review about their The Magnum Volum’ Express Mascara (Ultra Comb). This was a gift last November from my older sister. She got me the Maybelline surprise bag from Watsons Singapore. I really wish we have surprise bags here too! I believe this is worth 20sgd and it has 4-5 products inside. Exciting isn’t it?! ;)

This is how the mascara looks like. I love the packaging and its color cos I never get to lose it inside my make-up bag. Haha! also the metallic print adds the oomph!

You can see here that the comb/wand is not the usual one. I know! I was surprised as well. Like, how will I use this!?

so here's a photo of my eyelashes. yeah I know. I really envy those who have long and thick lashes :( haha!

no mascara! -___- 

Then I tried it and boy did it add some length on my eyelashes!!

left: w/ mascara right: w/o mascara (OBVIOUSLY. HAHA)

Well same as the other Maybelline mascaras, this is long-lasting and waterproof. It doesn’t smudge easily and really stays on all day! What I love about this mascara is that it gives me the natural look on my eyelashes. Not too thick and long. The ELF eyelash curler (which is my bestfriend) helps my lashes to stay curled up the wholeeee day! Yes and I shall make a review about this soon.

w/ some lighting. yes! I didnt have any make-up =)) also many thanks to my ELF eyelash curler which is like shu uemura's! I shall make a blog review about it SOON ;)

This is yet my favorite mascara as of the moment cos I already finished a tube of my the falsies (First time) haha! I know this is not available locally which is sad but if you happen to see this on online shops or abroad don’t hesitate to get one because it’s really worth it. ;)

 see the awesome difference? what do you think? comment down below your favorite maybelline mascara or if you have any review on them and i'd love to check them out! <3

So that's it! Thanks so much for reading!  J