Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WHY The Beauty Move?

Hi guys! I don't know how to start this but I'll just type whatever i'm feeling right now. it's my blog anyway. hahaha!

The Beauty Move is officially on the go! Now I know why I named my blog "The Beauty Move". Well, basically it's because I love Beauty and Dancing and it's both my passion but dancing has always been my no.1 love. hihi :D anyway, I thought of naming this blog last January. something that i'd really be able to live up to. So of course, beauty cos that's what it's mainly about then I thought of a word that I can incorporate with dance which is yes, MOVE. (I think it's not right to name my blog The Beauty Dance. k. corny. haha) So as simple as what the words say or what comes to your mind.

Hmmmm.. Maybe you're reading this right now as my relative, friend, someone I know way back in high school&or college, a beauty blogger, common friend blaaah or simply because of your curiosity. well, WELCOME TO MY WORLD. Thank you for taking time to click the link & read this blog post as I unfold the new face of my blog. 

Most of the people close to me know that I love MAKE-UP or anything beauty related (believe me it's been 4 years. all those sleepless nights where I just watch make-up videos and read beauty blogs.). I love collecting make-up but the weird thing is I don't like wearing full make-up. weird right? yup. that's just a short intro for you to know. (whuuuut.)

I don't want to write too much cos I know it's going to be boring but anyway this is just a usual blog post. I'm just really excited for the coming months for my blog. :D FYI I'm not doing this 'cos blogging is the fad nowadays or simply just to be famous. well if that's the case then I should've started way back but that's not my purpose. not at all. I don't care how many readers i'd get or even haters. haha. well that's part of life but I just really love doing this. :) This taught me how to be patient and creative. I also became interactive 'cos I got the chance to meet a lot of people and likewise I loved it and learned a lot.

So to cut this all short, with THE BEAUTY MOVE, you'll see videos and blog posts every week and discover more about beauty products/brands here in our country. (May it be skincare, make-up, lifestyle etc.) I'm so excited cos I already met up with 2 people regarding their brand and stuff. So there. I just really wanted to share my thoughts and plans. what do you think? i'd love to know and please do comment down below your blogs and channels cos i'd gladly read and check them out!

That's it. I talk too much. sorry. :p

Thanks for your time! I really appreciate it. Respect! 'til my next blog post.


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