Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hayan Cosmetics Haul

Hi guys! Here's another haul post. I actually went to Hayan Korea SM Masinag branch this morning to check out their products. I've always wanted to get some of their amazing skincare products ever since I saw them on Celline's site ( a beauty blogger friend of mine). I was just really sad cos they only had branches from the south (Laguna, Manila, Alabang etc.) and finally they had a branch that's close to my house: SM Masinag. I was so happy that they decided to put one near the area of marikina, antipolo and cainta. <3

So I was having a happy sunday then I decided to go to SM Masinag (all for the love of Hayan!). I went there around 11:30am and I was so giddy excited that I wanted to buy ALL of their products. The prices were so cheap esp. in their Masinag branch and I don't know why. hmmm, Maybe cos it's their newly opened branch? but who cares! atleast it's 30%-50% off.

I was only eyeing on getting the peeling gel & eye cream but I was so tempted to get MORE. They had a wide range of skincare products and some make-up too. while I was about to pay, I asked about the make-up brushes and the SA (ms. hannah) told me that they had this make-up kit set which was only for 700PHP. YES!!! and you get a sturdy make-up bag, bb caviar cream, 8 pc. brush set, 5 face masks, 5 samples of bb creams, 300ml body lotion and 100ml moisturizer!!! AMAZING DEAL ISN'T IT?!

According to their SA, a lot of buyers get that set cos it's really cheap and worth it. I just really had to get it and until now I can't believe how cheap it was. (OA MUCH =))

I'm so excited to share more reviews about these products but i'll leave you first with some photos of my haul and tell me what you think. ;) Also, My next post will be about the branch itself and also some youtube videos (if i'll have time).

So that's it! Enjoy my photos. Feel free to comment down below anything about the products.

my haul! the make-up bag is sooo nice <3

soooo mannyyy!

bb cream samples and face masks!

8pc. brush set! Animal Hair brushes. it's not the best but it ain't bad either. ;)

these babies smell so goood! A moisturizer & body lotion. 

got this bb cream for FREE. yes <3

GOT ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS FOR ONLY 700PHP plus the make-up bag! :D

the make-up bag has 3 compartments and I love how sturdy it is :D

and lastly the only products I should get but yeah impulsive buying happens. :)) I heard great reviews about the peeling get (dupe for cure gel) Got these babies for only 300php below each!

Hope you enjoyed my haul!
thanks for reading <3

don't forget to check out their branches and their FB page:

website: Hayan Korea



  1. OMG!!! That's a great haul. <3 I wish they have branches in manila too!!!

  2. Nice to see you back, girl! Will definitely try their masks, I'm addicted to masks lately. :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  3. Wow, amazing haul. I've never heard of this brand but all these products look so good!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Oh, nice haul! Will wait for your reviews! I just recently got to try Hayan products too. I wish there was a branch near here. I'd hoard if there was one. Hahaha. By the way, do you know how much the masks cost when bought individually? Thanks! :)