Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Unboxing the BDJ November Box

 Finally got the chance to snag  a BDJ box after a year! believe it or not this is just my second box (what a loser I am). my first box was also last november!!! :) I made sure i'd get my hands on this baby cos it's my birthday month so I felt it would really be special. the BDJ box gets sold out easily! I mean REALLY easily. the december box was sold out last august or september pa. wow -____- saaaaad. the earliest box you can get is march or april 2014. so no hope for me. guess I'll wait for a few more months again. :(

ANYWAY! I don't want to make this blog post long. I'll be posting a short description on each product and later on i'll do an in-depth review on my favorite ones.

Sooo, let's unbox this shall we?:)

of course it comes in the monthly pretty simple box!

 Don't you just love the inspiring quotes written on their stickers?  :)


 Here are the stuff included in this month's BDJ BOX :) really worth it!

Now lets go through the products one by one!

Yves Rocher Naturelle Eau de Toilette (1495 php)
I'm not that much of a fan when it comes to perfumes. maybe because I don't like trying a lot. I just really have that certain scent that I want to wear but this proved me wrong! I love how refreshing it is and it smells sooooo good!!! really thinking of getting the full sized one. The 50 ml bottle is kinda pricey! hmm. guess i'll have to wait for their sale. haha! (kuripot!

Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss (570 php)
I got the shade in Sienna Sparkle! pretty color. so lucky I got the dark red one cos I'm into this kind of shade lately. :) I love anything from revlon so this is a great deal since it's also a full-sized product!

Canmake Powder Cheeks (390 php)
Finally something to try from this brand! I've been wanting to try some make-up from canmake esp. their eyeliner and mascara but I guess this blush would do for now. I love how pretty the color is too! plus it's so handy and perfect for a girl's personal make-up kit.

 Oil of Argan Oil (30ml- 600php)
Yes I am a fan of the 100% pure moroccan argan oil!!! it's my hair's bestfriend :D also a perfect moisturizer for those who have dry skin (yup that's me!). I got the 10ml sample bottle and I love how handy it is. love the small card included in it too! :)
ps. I've actually gone through 2 bottles of argan oil that I got from Absynthe Beauty (which I'll be doing a review soon! ;))

ZA Perfect Solution Cleansing Foam (345php)
this is my current facial wash and I love it! glad I have a back up. hehe :) It smells so good plus it makes my skin so soft and glowy all throughout the day. ps. it has collagen! ;)

The Cream Factory Bath Cream (699php for 3 small bottles)
woohoo! The product I'm most excited about! a lot of beauty bloggers love this product and I'm happy i'd finally get to try it. I immediately opened the bottle and it was love at first sniff! lets see how this product will deliver. I'm excited to try the other bath creams too. I swear everything looks so promising! :)

Saforelle gentle cleansing care (159.75 php for 100ml)

 This is the leading feminine wash in France. can I just say "ang sosyal!?" yup! I tried it already and I love it! plus it smells so good!!! :)

Okay so that's it. I'll be doing further more reviews once I get to try the products more often.

Thanks for reading and stopping by my blog! I appreciate it even though I don't have that much time in updating this cos of work -___-

Anyway, what are your thoughts regarding this months's BDJ box? let me know on the comments section! :)

Thanks BDJ for another awesome box!!! can't wait for more. wishing you'd open more slots. :( so yeah, better luck next time to me! hehe.

Don't forget to visit BDJ's social media accounts:

Til the next! ;)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Make-up Sale for Yolanda Victims

Here's the announcement regarding my previous blog post about my make-up sale charity work for the victims of typhoon yolanda.

I finally uploaded the photos. please check out my facebook page: The beauty move 

please. don't forget to read the description box as well bec. all of the details are already stated there.

I regret that I wont be entertaining reservations and previous emails to be fair to everyone. please check out my facebook page for all the details and make-up for sale :)

again, MANY THANKS for all your interest and support in helping our kababayans in the visayas!
it means A LOT.


Sunday, November 10, 2013

A little help for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing fine. I know we are all aware of what happened in the Philippines these past few days. Our country is in much need of help right now. especially from our brothers and sisters in the Visayas region. I watched the news earlier and it was so heart breaking. if only I have a lot of money I won't even have second thoughts in donating food and water. they badly need help.... :(

put yourself in their situation. what would you do? I know a simple donation will reach a thousand of hearts out there. They are helpless and we who can do a litte help will make a big impact on their lives. I know you feel the same sentiments so if you're reading this right now, whatever you're doing or wherever you are please take time to think of what you can do to help our fellow kababayans out there.

 I have a lot of relatives in Leyte and also our manang for more than 10 years lives there. they have been a big part of our lives and it breaks my heart to see what happened to them. we still can't contact them and I hope they're okay. :(

so I came up with this idea.......

I've always wanted to have a make-up sale and I think now is the right time. All the proceeds will go to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. I know it won't be that much but this is one of the ways I know I can help.

I'll be selling everything below 300pesos. If you are also interested in doing the same please let me know or email me at

 no matter how small or big it is, your help will be much appreciated. I'm calling out all my beauty bloggers/youtubers friends out there, let's help in the best way that we can.

These are all the make-up I will be selling. most are brand new and orwatched 1-2x. 100% sanitized.

Again, let us keep the yolanda victims in our prayers. pray for the Philippines. pray for the world.


ps. Details will be up tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 2013 BDJ Box Sneak Peek

So finally after a year I was able to score another BDJ BOX. yes that's how it's always sold out. :( I got my first one last November 2012. hahaha that long!

Anyway, I purchased this box 2 months back and I really had to get it because november is my birthday month so atleast I can get one before the year ends. Sadly, the december box was sold out I think August pa. huhu so sad but can you see how much people love BDJ BOX and BDJ?

 "Always bring your own sunshine"

Yes they deserve all the love in this world! I've been a loyal bella since 2009 and I'm so proud and happy to witness the growth of Belle de jour.

The founder, Ms. Darlyn has always been one of my inspirations not just in beauty but in life. She has the most brilliant ideas and she never forgets to empower girls out there. I love how much positivity BDJ brings and see each and every bella grow stronger in this community. (Though I just see it virtually/through the internet, I can still feel the BDJ Love. :)

Anyway, here's a sneak peek of my November 2013 BDJ BOX. will post an unboxing video and blog post soon! are you excited too???:D

 Blushing Beauty


Instagram and Twitter: @bdjbuzz

ZA Perfect Solution Debut at Sample Room!


 here are some snapshots I took from sample room's website! the collagen cream has 7 trillion collagen capsules inside. isn't that amazing?? :D plus it's the editors pick! check it out at and register ASAP. samples are running low so better hurry! :)


Here are another products you can try for free (yes!!!!) at! ahhhh was so excited to know about the new samples coming up! I love ZA too much and being able to try this perfect solution line is such a great belated birthday gift to me. hihi. thanks a lot to my sample room family for always making us so happy!

here are the samples they sent to us and I already used it last night. one word: amazing! it really made my skin so soft and clean. plus the smell is heavenly!!! can't wait to review about it in the next couple of weeks. so what are you waiting for? get your samples now at :)

Check out sample room's social accounts:
Twitter: @sampleroomph
Instagram: @sampleroomph



*This was given by sample room as part of our blogger circle duties. I wasn't paid to do this. My review and opinions about these products are honest and my own.*

Product Review: Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Facial Toner

Here's a comeback post!!! I know i've been away for ages. lol. but seriously!! also, I loved how I shot the product. made me reminisce my photographer days. haha let me know what you think!!! ;)


I was never a toner type of person until I used this product. I just want to share to you guys why I love Moringa-o2's malunggay herbal facial toner. I've had this toner for more than 4 months now and I'm loving every bit of it!!!

I first had the body lotion (check out my review here) from this line which I also love so much but then I knew they have other malunggay products that I had to try too. I didn't hesitate in getting the toner so I searched for it right away at Watson's. It didn't disappoint me because it wasn't expensive at all. The toner only costs 89.75 and is already in a 100 ml bottle which is A LOT. I realize that trying it won't waste my money so I bought it immediately.

What I love about this toner is that it doesn’t give me the sting-y feeling and also doesn’t make my face so red after using it. The toner smells so good too! It smells like Elizabeth Arden’s green tea. <3 it also didn't make my face dry after. I was surprised how this toner delivered well knowing that my skin is kinda sensitive. I've been switching toners lately but I always go back to this one cos my skin really loves it or what we call "hiyang".

According to the bottle it says that it's:

for dry and sensitive skin

helps in:
pore minimizing
anti-bacterial & anti-acne
moisturizing dry skin
skin lightening

here are some snapshots of the product. have you tried it too? let me know your thoughts!

no skin irritations!

see? smooth and no red spots!:)

I've got nothing more else to say about this product but pure awesomeness. ;) so what are you waiting for? grab a bottle now and see for yourself! much thanks to sample room for introducing this product to me!


check them out at Facebook: Moringa O2


*I wasn't paid to do this neither was it sponsored. I bought this from my own money and my review is based on my honest opinion.*