Sunday, November 10, 2013

A little help for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

Hi guys! I hope everyone is doing fine. I know we are all aware of what happened in the Philippines these past few days. Our country is in much need of help right now. especially from our brothers and sisters in the Visayas region. I watched the news earlier and it was so heart breaking. if only I have a lot of money I won't even have second thoughts in donating food and water. they badly need help.... :(

put yourself in their situation. what would you do? I know a simple donation will reach a thousand of hearts out there. They are helpless and we who can do a litte help will make a big impact on their lives. I know you feel the same sentiments so if you're reading this right now, whatever you're doing or wherever you are please take time to think of what you can do to help our fellow kababayans out there.

 I have a lot of relatives in Leyte and also our manang for more than 10 years lives there. they have been a big part of our lives and it breaks my heart to see what happened to them. we still can't contact them and I hope they're okay. :(

so I came up with this idea.......

I've always wanted to have a make-up sale and I think now is the right time. All the proceeds will go to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda. I know it won't be that much but this is one of the ways I know I can help.

I'll be selling everything below 300pesos. If you are also interested in doing the same please let me know or email me at

 no matter how small or big it is, your help will be much appreciated. I'm calling out all my beauty bloggers/youtubers friends out there, let's help in the best way that we can.

These are all the make-up I will be selling. most are brand new and orwatched 1-2x. 100% sanitized.

Again, let us keep the yolanda victims in our prayers. pray for the Philippines. pray for the world.


ps. Details will be up tomorrow!

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  1. Ugh, I wish I can join you sis, but I gave mine away. :(