Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Product Review: Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Facial Toner

Here's a comeback post!!! I know i've been away for ages. lol. but seriously!! also, I loved how I shot the product. made me reminisce my photographer days. haha let me know what you think!!! ;)


I was never a toner type of person until I used this product. I just want to share to you guys why I love Moringa-o2's malunggay herbal facial toner. I've had this toner for more than 4 months now and I'm loving every bit of it!!!

I first had the body lotion (check out my review here) from this line which I also love so much but then I knew they have other malunggay products that I had to try too. I didn't hesitate in getting the toner so I searched for it right away at Watson's. It didn't disappoint me because it wasn't expensive at all. The toner only costs 89.75 and is already in a 100 ml bottle which is A LOT. I realize that trying it won't waste my money so I bought it immediately.

What I love about this toner is that it doesn’t give me the sting-y feeling and also doesn’t make my face so red after using it. The toner smells so good too! It smells like Elizabeth Arden’s green tea. <3 it also didn't make my face dry after. I was surprised how this toner delivered well knowing that my skin is kinda sensitive. I've been switching toners lately but I always go back to this one cos my skin really loves it or what we call "hiyang".

According to the bottle it says that it's:

for dry and sensitive skin

helps in:
pore minimizing
anti-bacterial & anti-acne
moisturizing dry skin
skin lightening

here are some snapshots of the product. have you tried it too? let me know your thoughts!

no skin irritations!

see? smooth and no red spots!:)

I've got nothing more else to say about this product but pure awesomeness. ;) so what are you waiting for? grab a bottle now and see for yourself! much thanks to sample room for introducing this product to me!


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*I wasn't paid to do this neither was it sponsored. I bought this from my own money and my review is based on my honest opinion.*

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  1. Perfect! This is just in time 'coz I'm planning to get one at Sample Room so I'm searching for reviews online. Thanks for sharing. :)