Thursday, June 26, 2014

Kate Selfie to Japan + FOTD

hi guys! I just want to share you this contest that I joined  last June 12 and I've never been so excited :D We were only 3 then and now we're more than 10!! I'm happy to see these aspiring kate girls as well so I hope you show support by liking Kate Tokyo Philippine's facebook page and of course by liking my entry too! it's that simple. Also, if you want to join, you can check out the mechanics on their page. Ahhh Japan has always been one of my dream trips!! I hope to win but of course it's up to the panel of judges to decide but whoever wins, I know she deserves it well!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

HBC's National Makeover Day Bloggers Launch

I was invited last week for an event launch made by HBC at Stacy's BGC. it was a lovely and exciting day because I was really curious about the "national makeover day" thing going on. of course, the set-up was so lovely. Stacy's BGC make everything so pretty in an event. Plus the food was so awesome too!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Stylash Salon Experience: Fishermall Branch

I've had a fair share of my eyelash extensions days way back in college. Well, I was desperate before to have long and thick lashes that's why I tried it. It really changed the way I look plus less time for applying make-up because you don't need to apply mascara and eyeliner anymore. it was good until it lasted but it was such a pain to maintain it. also, did I say it was expensive? for a college student like me before, I didn't prioritize spending 700php+ just to have my lashes done 2x a month! I think it has been almost 2 years since I last had my eyelash extensions. I saw this new eyelash salon and was so excited to try it! so here's my review from my trip to stylash manila yesterday. :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Belo Essentials X Sample Room

New run at sample room!  Get your free samples of belo essentials (yes, full size!) at 

So excited for this new skincare line! My boyfriend is now a skincare addict because of me :)) and we've been looking for products to treat his acne and I guess this will definitely work. We love belo because of the sunblock that we used during our summer trip which for us is the best sunblock eveeeer (will review soon!) :)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Join The Beauty Junkee's 5th Anniversary Giveaway! :)

I know you are all familiar with The beauty junkee / TBJ a.k.a ms. martha! :) she has been one of my favorite bloggers ever since I started blogging 2 years ago. I never taught I would get to know such person so kind and real. I've joined her 3rd anniv giveaway and also won during her 4th. blessed as I must say but it wasn't really about the prizes. honestly, just being able to talk to her and know about  things related to beauty is enough for me. I also look up to her daily quotes and statuses on facebook and instagram. she is a daily inspiration for me to work harder and pursue my dreams. ps. I sometimes message her on facebook to ask some advice :)) #fangirlforlife

anyway, enough of all the explanation. here's the thing! you only have less than a week left to join and support her giveaway. pls. do click the link below and share to your friends. BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE :) and lets all continue supporting Ms. Martha <3

 some of the huge goodie bags!!! :)

congrats again Ms. martha and I wish you more succesful blogging years to come! pls. continue to inspire more people <3

*Photo credits to The Beauty Junkee website ( *


Nivea Philippines 50% off sale - May 9-18!

Something to brighten up your mood, skincare junkies!!! Yup, you read it right and I couldn't be more excited too! Nivea Philippines is having a massive sale! All of their items from sunblocks to lipbalms to lotions are on 50% off. Perfect timing for summer. :) 

From their instagram @niveaphils

I saw the sale at sm north watsons. Also, i was informed that it's on sale everywhere! Even in supermarkets. The prices are unbelievable and from a brand like nivea? Well i wouldn't say no to hoarding even if im in a no makeup/skincare buying month.  :)) 

Here are some snapshots of the sale in sm north and my little haul. The sale is from may 9- 18 but until supplies last so I believe it wont be that long so hurry and hoard now!:) 

Let me know what you got too! <3 enjoy shopping over the weekend! 


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Introspect Hair Salon and Make-up Studio: Fisher Mall Branch Opening

My first event for 2014 was the opening of Introspect salon at fisher mall! This is their 2nd branch and I'm really happy that it's expanding! meaning, more people will experience their great customer service and hair expertise. <3

I knew about this salon way back last year, august 2013. Thanks to Ana Victorino! Thanks to introspect salon now my hair is in great hands! fyi. their first branch is located at Matatag st. quezon city.

So ms. Cai De Leon (owner of Introspect Salon) informed me last december 2013 (while I paid a visit for my haircut) that they'll be having a 2nd branch and she invited me for the opening. of course I said yes! why shouldn't I, right?:)

 Panorama effect from my iphone :)

Now let me tell share my experience. The event was jampacked and good thing ms. cai was having her make-up done by MUD so she told me to have mine also while waiting for my turn for the hair services. A lady named albee/albie (not sure of the spelling!) did my make-up. She used MUD make-up (the primer and foundation was super nice!). 

Introspect Salon opening at fisher mall! :)

the MUA's set-up
sans make-up and a little bit of my fixed brows :))

Ms. cai introduced me to ms. mona (trainor at davines) and she was so kind! She assessed my hair and answered all my questions regarding hair stuff. she really did a great job and compromised with me on having a lighter shade (yey!) I honestly loved everything but I really had to wait for hourssss since there were really a lot of people.

kuya jerwin and ms. mona :)


Lastly, kuya jerwin did my highlights and hair treatment! my favorite part! he definitely gave me an unforgettable hair make-over and I love it!

highlights! didn't expect it to take loooong -__-

To sum up my great experience,  I loved everything from the preparations, food and effort of everyone( her whole family was also there! plus her husband was super supportive :)! 
also, the staff are so friendly and really hands on.

So what are you waiting for? visit them ASAP for an unforgetable hair makeover!

Here are some photos during the event! enjoy! :)

my make-up look

super yummy deserts from bedrock! I believe this is owned by ms. cai's cousin! my favorite was the cheesecake brownies :D

my food! <3


selfie :))

some davines products :)


through this experience I really learned that patience is a virtue :))

finally washing off the highlights stuff! :D

my tired face -__- the process was like 5-6 hours!

the finished look! finally :D

Thanks kuya jerwin for my fabulous hair makeover! :)

with the beautiful owner, MS. CAI DE LEON :D 


Again, I would like to thank Ms. cai for inviting me and congrats! Can't wait for more introspect salon branches. Wishing you guys more success! <3


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ellana Minerals Haul

My favorite mineral make-up is back!!! So finally I decided to place an order through! i've been visiting their store at crossings trinoma but the SA always piss me off. Sorry to say this but it's the truth. They're not entertaining their customers at all plus they don't answer my questions regarding their products. They did it to me thrice so that's when I decided to order online instead. Well, also I got to activate my reseller status for free! I applied as one of their beauty experts way back in 2009 but sadly my stocks got flooded by ondoy and ellana took a break for awhile. So now they're back and better!!!! :) (website)

This is the best mineral make-up for me! No bias at all! Ps. I bought everything with my own money and these were not sponsored.

If you want to look natural as much as possible with make-up then Ellana minerals is the answer. :) I swear to God if there's local make-up I can't live without, it would be this.

anyway, I love everything that I got. the only con with this transaction was the shipping! I got my orders 3 days after but nonetheless all is good. :)

so here's a sneak peek of my haul and #ellanaselfie ! in-depth reviews soon.

isn't the packaging so gorgeous??? :) it's made by the one and only SOLEIL IGNACIO <3

so naturall right? no filter here!! ;)

so there! 

if you want to order, click on my code so you can have a discount on your purchase!! :)

or you can check out my ellana banner on the right side of my blog.

let me know what you'll be getting! it is worth every penny, don't worry! :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SURF & SHARE Your #AYOSnaSUMMER Wish, WIN Summer Siren Festival Passes for your BARKADA :)

I can feel the summer vibes now and I'm so excited! who wants to join a beach party?! *raises hand* 

So, I received this great news from the mail a few days back and it couldn't be more exciting! plus UP DHARMA DOWN will be there  *OMG. FAINTS .SUCH A FAN* okay so here's how to join and win tickets for you and your barkada! <3

A total of 35 Summer Siren passes and 10 limited edition Ayos Loudbasstard speaker docks will be given away to lucky Ka-Ayos who will share their #AyosNaSummer wish on Join to get the chance to meet great people at the Summer Siren Festival happening on April 4-6 at Crystal Beach, Zambales! It’s very easy to join and win the ultimate beach adventure for your barkada. Tara na!

To join:

1.     Search #AyosNaSummer on then click the Win Summer Siren Tickets ad.

2.     Reply to the ad with your #AyosNaSummer wish. The more replies you leave, the more chances of winning exclusive Summer Siren tickets for you and your friends.

The prizes:

Total of 15 tickets and 3 room accommodations to be won! (5 Super Ayos winners will win 3 tickets and 1 room accommodation each)

Total of 20 tickets up for grabs! (5 Ayos Barkada winners of 4 tickets each)

Exclusive consolation prizes for music lovers up for grabs. (10 winners of Loudbasstard speaker docks)

Winners will be selected at random. The more #AyosNaSummer wish you send, the higher your chances of winning. Each ticket is valid for entry to the Summer Siren event at Crystal Beach, Zambales this coming April 4 to 6, 2014. For more info, go to

it's so easy right?:) I've never been to a beach party and I find this really exciting! omg. such great bands are going to perform too! :) so don't forget to join! wishing myself luck as well! hope to see you there <3


Sample Room x Colour Collection Instagram & Blog contest

Hi guys! I just want to share these awesome samples that are currently up on Sample Room 's website! it's none other than the Colour Collection Hot Hues summer collection! I attended their blogger event a few weeks back and all I can say is that it was lipstick heaven <3 I've never had that experience of having a lipstick that is super affordable yet high-end worthy! (for real though!) I will be posting my blog post about the event soon and in depth review about their products but for now let me leave you with these awesome deals from sample room! you better not miss this plus they have an amazing giveaway as well!


if you might ask, my favorite from this collection is TEMPTRESS <3 it's such a perfect deep red lip color! oh did I just say these lipsticks stay ALL-DAY? yup! ;)