Monday, January 20, 2014

Back for good!

Before reading my entry, let me give you something to think about through this photo.

I'm sort of getting tired by always starting my blog entries with "sorry" "been so busy" "I promise to blog more" "I got lots of stuff to share but I was so busy at work" and blah blah blah. the list goes on.... endless reasons I must say.

Well, I've been reflecting about a lot of stuff lately and beauty blogging is one of them. Believe it or not my blog has been around for 2 years now! I just had my blogversary a few weeks back!! who would've thought??? *me neither* ha ha! but seriously, time flies by so fast! I started my blog way back when I only knew a few people and now most of them are successful! well, me? hmm. I must say I got left behind but don't get me wrong! I am so happy for them. seeing them work hard really inspires me. yet again I realize I should work harder too!

I have been gone for a looooong time and I realized there's nothing wrong with going back.
It's 2014 and one of the things I want to work harder for is my love for beauty (may it be blogging or youtube-ing).

To cut all these emotions short, YES I WILL TRY MY BEST. I won't promise now but I will try. There should really be no excuses if you love what you're doing and now let this be a challenge. :)

I have been blessed even though I wasn't trying that hard. I guess it's time to give back. God has always shown me signs that I kept ignoring. yes I'm now in the point of "it's now or never". I say it's NOW.

so how about you? how is 2014 treating you so far? :)

'til my next entry and stay tuned for my 2ND BLOGVERSARY GIVEAWAY!



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