Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Stylash Salon Experience: Fishermall Branch

I've had a fair share of my eyelash extensions days way back in college. Well, I was desperate before to have long and thick lashes that's why I tried it. It really changed the way I look plus less time for applying make-up because you don't need to apply mascara and eyeliner anymore. it was good until it lasted but it was such a pain to maintain it. also, did I say it was expensive? for a college student like me before, I didn't prioritize spending 700php+ just to have my lashes done 2x a month! I think it has been almost 2 years since I last had my eyelash extensions. I saw this new eyelash salon and was so excited to try it! so here's my review from my trip to stylash manila yesterday. :)

I saw their ad through facebook and was curious to try it because it was 50% off. Fortunately, they were so nice to offer me a trial that's why I didn't have second thoughts and immediately had my schedule for the weekend. Also, I needed to have my eyebrows threaded already. (good thing they have brow threading and other waxing services too.)

I was so surprised to see how pretty the salon was!!! <3 It was so me, I didn't want to leave! lol but seriously the salon had great furniture and adorable design. who wouldn't fall in love with it, right? (I wanted to take the frames home!!)


I waited for awhile because the salon was full and some consultants were on lunch break. After a few minutes of waiting, they started doing my eyelash extensions. I knew the drill so I wasn't nervous nor scared in trying it again. What I love about the procedure is that they put some q-10 collagen treatment (eye mask ) first then tape it. In the usual eyelash salons, they only put some masking tape around your eyes, which for me is the most annoying thing during the process. (they are the only eyelash salon in the Philippines that have the Q-10 collagen treatment!)

 that's ate agnes! :)

before photo! my short and thin lashes plus ugly eyebrows HAHAHA (SHAME!)

It took me almost an hour to have it done. FYI, the time process depends on the type/style of eyelash extensions you'll be getting. Here I got the natural one. it has 160 lashes (80 lashes per eye). To be honest, it will be painful after because you have to close your eyes during the whole procedure plus if you're not sleepy, you'll be impatient while waiting :)) I recommend you have yours done and sleep for an hour so you won't think too much.

As per the pain? Not that much. but I guess it depends on your eye shape? I have small eyes so I think they had to put extra effort in filling in the lashes. It would hurt a little but it's just like a pinch on your lashes but it is tolerable.

To sum it all up, after visiting various eyelash salons, this by far is my favorite. The lashes are so light!!! It's as if I didn't have additional 160 lashes on my eyes AT ALL. swear! (btw, they use MINK lashes :) ) I had mink lashes before in another eyelash salon but it made my eyes itchy plus the glue was so sticky! -_- I already took a bath and my eyes are just fine. if this will be your first time, then you'll just have some adjustments but you'll be fine when you get used to it. I know some friends who even wear goggles while taking a bath HAHAHA!

Anyway, I  also love the staff because they are friendly and the salon's ambiance is great! I just wish they had separate cubicles though as to eliminate the noise because it disturbs those who are having their beauty rest. ;)

I highly recommend stylash salon for all those who are curious in having their eyelash extensions done. Plus they have brows, waxing, manicure and pedicure services too. I had my eyebrow threading after and it was hassle free for me because I didn't have to visit 2 different salons. YEY!

So, Hurry and Visit their Fishermall branch because they are currently having 50% off on the following styles: Glamorous, Superstar and Diva. only until may 31! :)

anyway, to appreciate it more, Here are some photos I took during my trip at Stylash salon! :)

Love the interiors! :)

choose your service! :)

they also sell doll eye lenses! if I remember correctly it's 399 per pair or 599 for 2 pairs.

my favorite :D

take your pick!

 the mirror is too cute <3

With my eyelash extensions! Instant mascara and eyeliner effect! love it <3

 it looks so natural and long! I wish it was for real :( HAHA!

Thanks again Stylelash Eyelash Salon for the invite! can't wait to visit you guys again. :)

Visit their other branches:

Landmark Makati
SM City BF Paranaque

 Stylash Manila : Fishermall Branch (pay a visit soon! :)

Here are some selfies I took earlier! :))

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  1. I had mine done at the Landmark branch and it wasn't a great experience. Since yours was good, I guess I can only blame Landmark as I was about to criticize Stylash completely. Haha. My lashes started coming off after just a few days even while I was being super careful with them. They hardly lasted a month.

  2. Hi kapapalagay q Lang yesterday sa lets face it salon and super hapdi sa Mata like luha ng luha ang Mata q sabi Nila normal lang daw yon kc dahil sa glue after nun super iyak talaga q super hapdi, sabi Nila patakan q Lang daw ng eye mo. Till now parang mabigat pa Din and medyo may redness pa.. Pls help na woworry aq..

    1. Hi,I think it's best to have it check or if it's really irritating then have it removed.

  3. Namiss ko na magpaganito sa Stylash. Tagal nila mag 50% off ulit. haha!