Friday, May 29, 2015

Miss Manga launch + The Great L'oreal Sale

Last month I was invited to L'oreal 's Miss Manga product launch. I've been waiting for this mascara to arrive in the Philippines!!! I actually already knew about this product last year from US bloggers and youtubers. first thing that attracted me the most about this mascara is it's cute packaging! coming from a pink lover that I am, I told myself I should have this mascara in my collection. I only have few mascaras that I trust my short lashes with and luckily miss manga is now of them. ;)

anyway, I've been using the mascara for a month now and I can't wait to do a separate blog review about it! so here I just want to share with you guys the stuff that happened during the event and how happy I was to be invited to my 1st ever l'oreal event. 

I met and went there with my blogger friends Gem and Aya. We were a bit late because of the traffic but we were glad that the talk part of the event was just about to start. Just by the entrance, you can see how adorable the set-up is and upon entering I was instanly in a Manga Wonderland! lol. kidding aside but it was just to kawaii! oh goodness. It was one of my favorite events to date. Everything was so pink and organized. 

L'oreal once again did not disappoint. the new mascara was an instant hit and favorite. I never knew about a specific mascara for asian lashes like this one. it's now a staple in my make-up kit and can actually be used for everyday. now let me share some photos during the event and how you too should try the new Miss Manga mascara. 

Oohhhh wait didn't I say it's currently on sale? yup!! The Great L'oreal sale happened the whole month (May) and you still have 2 days to hoard your favorite l'oreal products! check out the details below and share your L'oreal haul!


ps. Thanks to Hannah and Jan of Ogilvy for the invite :)

cute set-up!!
Make-up Shopping, anyone? ;)

 Great food!

Kawaii Host, Janeena!

Miss Manga!!! so cute :D

yeeeey make-up shopping using these kawaii 
miss manga money! (How creative;)

 make-up shopping??? attack!!!

 Happy girls after make-up shopping! hihi thank you L'oreal! :) ps. super love
these kawaii masks too!

 BB veil and Miss Manga

My L'oreal haul! :)

Now for make-up lovers and hoarders (lol!) here are some details about the great l'oreal sale. you can also check out their facebook page here:

ps. let me share some of my favorites and must-haves! the true match foundation, base magique primer, bb veil and miss manga mascara! so don't miss out on this amazing sale!

photos from L'oreal FB page

so what are you waiting for? get your L'oreal haul and end this amazing summer right. ;)

Again, Thank you L'oreal Paris Philippines! definitely, EVERY FILIPINA IS WORTH IT. 


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