Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Free Food Tasting at Tokyo Bubble Tea Restaurant

Japanese food? Bubble Tea? or should I just say Milk tea? Well I'm all in for that! Tokyo bubble tea has been one of my favorite milk tea places since college! I would even go to the tomas morato branch just to buy their super yummy royal milk tea. <3 then I discovered that they also have amazing japanese food! Honestly, it's kinda pricey but at least it'll make you full. heehee.

Official photo from Tokyo Bubble Tea

Luckily I saw their facebook post last night about their newly renovated tomas morato branch and... they have FREE FOOD TASTING!!! you read that right. FREE. now who wouldn't want that? I immediately sent my details via facebook message. yup, it was a crossed-fingers-kinda-situation. and thank God I received a confirmation message earlier this morning. :D I was so excited and happy because my boyfriend and I are also celebrating our monthsary and this is one of our favorite restos. (fact: we celebrated our 5th Annivesary at their Tomas morato branch last 2012.) :)

We were only given 2 dishes by the waitress so we ordered other food that we need to pay for. The best part? they even gave us 30% off our bill! hehe. So happy! our dinner was definitely worth it. :) To cut the long intro short, here are some photos that I took earlier. Enjoy!

Love how pretty the place is.

 cute menu!

The ff. dishes are the one's we ordered separately :)

 our forever favorite! Chicken Teriyaki <3

  one large royal milk tea, please!

 yummy :D

 haven't tried their cakes yet. curious about the Matcha one tho. ;)

The ff. dishes are our free food :)

Baked oysters with awesome yummy cheeseeeee!!! 

 This fried california maki was soooo good! :D

The Entrance :) 

 I wanna try to sit here next time. hehe

Official Photo from Tokyo bubble tea

So 4 years after and my love for this resto hasn't changed. :) Great food. Nice ambiance. Kind staff.

 That's it for my short review and experience. If you're curious, go give it a try! Hurry because the free food tasting is only until Sept. 30. Thank you again Bubble Tea Restaurant! can't wait to go back and try other dishes and drinks! Congrats again on your newly renovated Tomas Morato Branch. :)

Facebook: Tokyo Bubble Tea
Website: http://www.tokyobubbletea.jp/

ps. Sorry for the low quality photos. I just used my iphone. 
I wasn't able to bring my camera with me. i'll take nicer photos next time. :D


  1. Hi! Question, did they let you choose your free food? or is it kinda random? :) Whaaa hoping to also get 30% off when we get to visit there this Saturday hahaha :) Thanks

    1. no, we didn't choose. those are the food they gave us. :)