Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Maybelline Velvet Matte: Swatches and Review


Maybelline New York Takes the Lead
with the Future of Mattes
Kiss your old mattes goodbye as Maybelline New York outdoes itself with an all-new
lipstick formulation that brings Filipinas to the next generation of lip color.
  (From Maybelline Ph's Press Info)

It's obvious that liquid lipsticks are taking the beauty industry by storm this year and I think most of my favorite make-up brands have their own already. So much to choose, so little time!

So here's something new in our local beauty market, the Maybelline velvet matte lipsticks. I finally got my hands on these pretty lippies. <3 I've been wanting to try these out but it was always out of stock. (ps. many thanks to cathy who's part of maybelline's pr for sending these over. :)

Now let me share to you my thoughts about this product. I've been using this for 2 months now and I honestly love it! it's one of my go to make-up products since I'm a working/office girl. I really don't have much time during the day to do my make-up so I make sure I have products that are reliable and easy to use.
I know people are curious about its "matte" claims but let me answer the main question... Does it really turn matte after applying on the lips? Honestly, no but I love the fact that it glides on so smoothly on the lips (the velvet matte smooth finish is real!) and very pigmented too. If you're looking for the kind that's really matte then this is not it but as it dries out it appears to be sort of matte. It's initially glossy when applied so you just have to wait for a few minutes and blot it out with a tissue to make it look semi-matte.

I was able to try 9 beautiful shades and I still love it even though it's not really the matte type I wanted. It's also handy and no doubt, perfect for everyday. ohhh! I also discovered that you can use it as a lip tint like the korean gradient lips.  ps. korean drama addict here! hehe

Aside from that, the product is buildable. you can mix different shades or use it on top off your lipstick to have that "full lip" effect. and the best thing about it? it's so affordable! you can get a tube for only 299 php. yes, let us all rejoice Lip Junkies!!! :D 

Overall, this product is a must-try and must-have for me. So check out the maybelline counters near you asap! because your #LIPSmatter . :)

My faves: Mat 12 and Mat 11 :D 

ps. some shades appeared similar to my lips but it depends because we all have different lips. heehee

Now here are some photos of my swatches! <3

 Swatchfest :D

Thank you so much Maybelline and Cathy <3

 so pigmented!!! :D


ps. These products were sent to me to try out. I wasn't forced nor paid to do this review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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