Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Affordable Beauty Products from BEAUTY MNL + Face Masks Overload!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, I want to share the stuff that I got from Beauty MNL ( that are all for less than 1000 pesos. Beauty MNL is my go-to site when it comes to beauty products because not only does it make it more convenient for me to shop but they also have the first dibs on make-up products or releases! plus they give freebies on every order too. what an awesome deal, right? :)

Photos are from Beauty MNL's website

My favorite part of the site would be the "Bloom the Magazine" section. I love reading their articles because it's really helpful when you're in need of some skincare or make-up research. Whenever I want to try out new products, I check out their website to see what's hot and worth-trying.  It saves me a lot of money too because I get to buy only the ones I need. Well, except if I got extra money to spare for a haul. ;) 

Now lets get on to the stuff that I got. I'm suprised that all are really affordable and worth every cent!

Sheet masks and Eye Mask from Dewy Tree and My Scheming. All were included in their must-try masks article so I didn't let the chance pass by and got these asap! (everything's below 100 pesos each. such a steal!)

The ever-famous and well-loved Leaders face masks! I got 5 actually but was so excited to use one when I got the package. hehe ;) These are really good! and would you believe its only for 75 pesos each? Definitely worth it :)

I was in need of an eye cream but didn't want to send much. Then I saw this one from Avalon organics which was on top of the list. Not only does it have good reviews but it was also really affordable. for only 690 pesos and it's organic? Yes please!

Here's a swatch if you're curious! :)

Since lip tints are so in right now and I'm really into this trend,  I checked out some local brands and stumbled upon this Lip and Cheek Stain Alive from Skin Genie. I couldn't believe that this was only for 80 pesos and a Nude shade? It was my first time to see one so I got it immediately. I also checked their IG account and this was one of their best sellers! I love their lip tints and can't wait to share a review video about it soon!

Overall, My experience with BEAUTY MNL was great! I can buy beauty products without any hassle plus they have free shipping for orders 1500 pesos + :D
So if you're like me who doesn't want to brave the traffic for the Christmas Rush and wait in line for hours, check out their website as they currently have great deals for Christmas gift sets. 
Sign-up now and let the make-up shopping begin! ;)

Thank you again BEAUTY MNL. <3

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